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[Mod Request] Outfit Idea for Ada

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I have very limited knowledge about how to make mods, if any at all, and I had an idea for an outfit for Ada that I was hoping someone could try and create. I am a big fan of the base game outfit, and this other bodysuit outfit that I found for Ada while browsing for mods, and was wondering if someone could combine these two outfits together. The Idea is that the sweater and the harness would remain, but be put over the bodysuit, so the gloves, the boots and the legs would be from the catsuit mod.

Long winded explanation short, I would like to have a sweater catsuit Ada outfit.

I have attached the images for the outfits below. Any help to create the outfit would be appreciated, and I would even be willing to commission for it if necessary I just do not know how to go about doing that. Thanks.



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