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Which mods will be broken by the next gen update?

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12 minutes ago, LarannKiar said:

A next-gen update is coming to Fallout 4!" but in their recent post they seem to actively avoid using these words for the update.

It seemed to me they were emphatically talking about consoles. All the references to next-gen was for the console versions of Fallout 4 🙂

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Well, the Update will break the Mods that use Scripts either way



I am only saying what I found out, there are articles out there that mention game scripts being updated in the Vanilla version which would mean as Mod scripts are based on or are modified versions of Vanilla ones, the Mods that use them will not work after April 25th, or if they do it may be for a few days, but Mods that uses scripts will have to be updated.




Like some, the makers have found a way around this and managed to adjust their mods so that they  will work with the Next Gen Update.

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Sounds to me like the Fallout London team are only worried about F4SE based scripts.  Vanilla scripts have no reason to have an issue.

F4SE usually updates very quickly so I'd expect a short delay on Fallout London.  Basically the wait for F4SE to update and then verification.

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No, it's only mods that use scripts that rely on F4SE functions that will break and they won't need to be adjusted, they'll just need a new version of F4SE to be released and then they'll be fine.

Any mod that has scripts that only use vanilla functions won't be affected.

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Trivial scripts using vanilla functions only: Very low probability of being affected, except for maybe Beth introducing new bugs (which is a possibility that probably cannot be discounted entirely).
Complex scripts using vanilla functions only: Low probability of being affected. Potential problems could be 1) subtle and undocumented changes in behavior of certain aspects of the engine, 2) unintended side effects of fixes and changes made or 3 ) newly introduced bugs.
Scripts using F4SE provided functions: Guaranteed to be affected by the immediate unavailability of a F4SE update. Will probably work fine after (possibly multiple) F4SE updates, Caveats above do apply.
Scripts using F4SE Plugin provided functions: Guaranteed to be affected by the immediate unavailability of a F4SE update AND of a F4SE Plugin update. May possibly continue to work fine after both F4SE and all F4SE Plugins used have received sufficient updates. Caveats still apply.

If a script uses many functions from a Script Extender Plugin (SUP F4SE, Lighthouse, Garden of Eden and others) , and if the Plugin in question provides 200, 300 or more functions to Papyrus (some do), it might take a bit of a while before everything works as it did pre update. The new EXE will have to be reverse engineered, before Plugin authors can update offsets and possibly refactor or rewrite some code, before mod authors can have working stuff again and update their scripts where it may be required. I can assure you that most of my mods will break hard, because my scripts make really extensive use of some Script Extender Plugins and there is not even a remote grasp of hope of getting those scripts to work without all the Script Extender and Plugin magic being perfectly in place.

The RE folks really are the unsung heroes in all this madness. None of this Script Extender business would be possible without them good folks.
Don't forget to say thanks should you ever meet one of 'em, some day.

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TruBy9 might still work, but it will definitely become obsolete. As will the accelerator (for SSD's).


On 4/15/2024 at 2:14 PM, Karna5 said:

It seemed to me they were emphatically talking about consoles. All the references to next-gen was for the console versions of Fallout 4 🙂


There is no 'next-gen' when it comes to PC's. Not like the consoles, which have defined hardware for each 'new version'. A PS4 is a PS4, all over the world (for the most part. continental differences put aside), for its entire lifespan. Hardly any 2 PC's are the same and will remain the same, with huge variety in capabilities. So, my new RTX4090 rig is not designated as 'the next-generation' of my RTX2070 rig. (it probably would if it where consoles)



As for the update: I welcome it. Sure, there will be some 'issues' to be taken care of. So what? This game NEEDS the update. Right NOW!

Since the TV series launched the interest for the game is peaking (downloads increased at least 2x for my vault pieces), and it lacks 'compatibility' with today's hardware and settings (SSD's, ultra-widescreen, etc.)

This is the (only) moment to fix that and get everybody going (again). & I for one am all for that 🥳

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One could argue that the time to deliver this update was BEFORE the launch of Fallout TV - not after.

By the time they drop it people will have watched all 8 episodes, got the itch, then be told don't bother because in a couple weeks Bethesda is going to drop a patch that will require even more waiting time.

It's like Todd doesn't understand the modding process - or the gaming process for that matter.

The casual gamer hates waiting - they just move on to something else.

They hate waiting for game updates to be patched so mods work.

They hate waiting for servers on new game releases.

They hate waiting for delay after delay after delay of an upcoming release.

etc, etc.

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