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Body mesh custom geometry (akin to Skyrim - CBBE UUNP)


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I noticed that nobody has added a topic like this, but I am sure that a lot of modders are curious about when mod authors will be implementing proper custom mesh's like CBBE, UUNP. I've been checking the mod pages every day for this and I see that proper utilities like https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma2/mods/436 have been added to the nexus. But it seems like the major nude mods like "Nude Natural Character Creator" are yet to add any new mesh with raised nipples or proper but shape when nude etc. Myself and many others on the nexus are men of culture and we wanna see this great game get represented properly.

It would be great to see if any of the mod authors on here wouldn't mind posting some information on what is in the works etc. Thanks

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