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[Armor conversion request (Willing to pay for Fixes)] Tactical Distraction Armor - Cold-Shoulder Mk1 3BA


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I'm looking for a SE 3BA conversion of the Tactical Distraction Armor, which can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43576
(Which is cbbe right now)
It has open edit permissions and conversion permissions.

I am willing to pay for this, as it has a few issues outlined by me in the posts section, so it wont be a 1f1 edit.
"It bakes in skin into the armor, it's first person is a bit scuffed, it cannot be improved, and has bit of clipping issues."

But finding people who'd want to do this for pay isn't simple when I don't know where to look.

This is my first conversion request/commission.

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I could give it a spin.  And no, I do not need payment.   That said, I looked at the armor, and it is pretty badly done to begin with.    UV maps are all crooked,  normals don't really match the diffuse textures.  The skirt and belt meshes are very badly made.

About  your notices:
"It bakes skin into the armor" - not sure what you mean by that, ALL body armor that has exposed parts 'bakes the skin in'.   If you mean that it is a single size body with no BodySlide files, that is easily handled.

"First Person is a bit scuffed" - yeah, cause its gauntlets don't have their own textures.    They have the boots texture assigned, which does not match them at all.       

"Cannot be improved" - a matter of adding a few keywords, as well as construction and temper forms.    No biggie.

"Clipping issues" - that is  the part about meshes being poorly done.    They can be bent a bit so they don't clip, but it will not be that much of an improvement.

Goodness...    at closer inspection, they basically took meshes from one mod,  haphazardly slammed on  bastardized textures from another mod - without bothering to even try to adjust them.    Only on the boots, the textures actually match the mesh.     A hack job if I ever seen one.     Sure, it can be adapted to 3BA, and stuff,....

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Posted (edited)

Golly I didn't realize it was that badly placed together, I just liked the idea of armor that wasn't skimpy with open shoulders and a heavier look.

Thanks if you decide to do it, and even if you don't want to take payment I would certainly be willing to throw some your way out of gratuity in any way you want, although that's seemingly more for my sake than yours given your plain disinterest in getting paid.

After making this post like 3 accounts which were made in like 2 hours before sending the message tried to get my attention, as if that isn't obviously a Red Flag too, also Nexus didn't ping me for your response despite it sure as heck pinging me about them, so that's why it took so long for me to message you @scorrp10. If you decide to do what seemingly amounts of a full fix of a bootleg mod more than a simple 3ba conversion because someone on the nexus really decided they like that mod despite it's flaws anyways, let me know!

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