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I'd like to know the following.

1. Has anyone got MWSE to work on Steam via Linux and Proton?

2. If you have - how do you know it has installed and is working properly?

I seem to have installed it but nothing that depends on it is functioning. I know that the Morrowind Code Patch is installed as I have a version number on startup and I've configured it. But I don't think the MWSE is actually installed as I can't see any way to set up its functions... It does update if I ask it to but only it knows what it has actually updated... I certainly don't and I don't think the game does either! MGEXE appears to be functioning properly - it can generate distant lands etc etc. 

I already use OpenMW and I'm very impressed with it but I'd like to see MW via Steam with these additions. If no one has made it work on Steam via Linux then I may have to accept defeat and it will go on that list of things I won't do this lifetime... 😄

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Does your STEAM version have the settings function in properties/installed files/  Verify this games files are installed correctly/ Verify Integrety of game files  ?

Have you done that?

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@Pagafyr - sorry - I never answered you. I somehow missed your reply. Things have been hectic here and I'm in an alternate reality! The game is fine. It works fine from Steam, files are fine etc etc  but the MWSE isn't turning up as I think it should. There are no additional menus. It thinks it's installed and it's installed to the latest version but the lights might be on but there's certainly no one at home.

Morrowind Code Patch (I'm impressed with that) is functioning though and so now is MGXE  (hurrah!) That was a silly issue with Modorganizer2 - just a tick box thing. I spent ages tracking that one down!

But MWSE - no. 

I'm amused and irritated when systems 'think' things are OK and they aren't. I had one recently that said everything was fine and gave itself a great bit tick that filled the screen... sadly, it wasn't working... 🤣 I so wanted to change that tick into a cross...

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There's a very nice guide to installing MGXE and MWSE here:


It's been tested on Arch Linux and Debian Bookworm - both use Wine. The author says it should work OK on other versions of Linux.

It talks you through the installation of the Morrowind Code Patch (MCP) but in my experience that's the easiest part!

The same guide is repeated on Steam here:


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