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Warnings and Site Ban Theater

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19 hours ago, AaronOfMpls said:

Got a smile out of two apparent ban-system tests:

"Bein' our test account?  That's a paddlin'."

Ever since we selected Paddle as our payment provider I have not been able to stop saying this! 

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  • 3 weeks later...

I had to shake my head at a recent one:


Account Banned - civ55

civ55 has been banned from Nexus Mods for violating our community rules.


As you couldn't find the "Delete account" button in your settings you decided to post "[several redacted slurs] website" on the forums.

"henlo I cannot find button to delete my nexus account, I would appreciate a permanant ban. thank"

Redacted by me; see the original ban thread if you really want to know what they were. *smh*  Not sure if I hope it was or wasn't the user's trolling younger relative misusing their already-logged-in account... 

(Speaking of which, always lock your computer when you step away from it, if other people might have access to it.)

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2 hours ago, AaronOfMpls said:

I had to shake my head at a recent one

Yeah, I seen that one and thought it odd. I, however, think that user just became fed up with Nexus for whatever reason and decided to delete the account, couldn't figure it out and resorted to the next best thing -- getting banned by posting the most inflammatory epithets. But I don't know. Without context, it's uncertain. I'm just guessing too.

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