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Blender for Oblivion 2024

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Good morning ,

I'm starting a new topic to be able to have up-to-date information on Blender and its use for Oblivion.

A few days ago I discovered Blender and its incredible features.

so yes I'm a beginner and so my questions may seem stupid but I'm trying to learn how to use Blender for only one game at the moment, and the game in question is OBLIVION

and its lack of up-to-date information on the subject .

my first question is therefore which version of Blender to use to be able to support oblivion nif files

I have currently already tried several versions, the only one that seems to work for me is 2.49B.

is there a higher version that works for Oblivion

second question I tried niftool v0.1.1, described as compatible with Blender 2.8-3.6, in my case it doesn't work at all and Blender throws up errors at each export attempt, Does

this version work for Oblivion.


What advice can you give to a complete novice in the field?

I impatiently await your responses.

ps: I use google translate sorry I suck in English



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I can't help with Blender, but the latest Nifskope is here. I have found that Dev 10 works well for Oblivion and it remembers your screen positioning.

I would try the latest Blender. Blender did a major rewrite at one point that made it easier to use, but there were a lot of modders who knew the old version and didn't want to upgrade, so a lot of tutorials still reference the old version.

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I already have nifskope but tell me if I'm wrong nifskope is not 3d modeling and animation software.

I have never used it in any other way than to check the visual state of a Nifs before integrating it into my game otherwise I prefer Bodyslipe and Outfitstudio to modify but here I would like to move to another level.

as for the tutorials they are not really up to date and to use Nifs in Blender you have to install the niftool which as mentioned above does not work on recent versions, you also have to set up scripts as well as install

the python language adapter, I know how to do that, but advice is always welcome.

I'm learning little by little but a lot of questions remain unanswered like those mentioned in the first message.

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I come back with a result. Your advice helped me.

By exporting an OBJ from Blender and importing it into Nifskope I have already obtained the meshes and the texture but I screwed up for the TRI my morph did not take but this is my first positive result after several days of testing,

thank you.


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My understanding of TRI files (from what I've read ... no first hand experience) is that the vertex count needs to remain exactly as it was in the original ... if you are editing an existing TRI.

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This is a question that I ask myself in my case, the replacement that I am trying to do comes from Skyrim but it is mesh and texture coming from PS2. the face is disproportionate, nothing to do with a conventional format, I'm trying to understand if creating one is necessary or if using an already existing one would work.

obviously this is desired I want to preserve the originality of the meshes so that it is as faithful as possible to the PS2 games.

here is the nif in question




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