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Hoping for mod updates for paradigmnomad's mods (and others)


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Paradigmnomad has some absolutely stellar mods that I only wish a few tweaks and additions were made to...however they haven't updated their mods in over 3 years now and it saddens me that everything from more trees to fantasy crops is now stuck in the previous version, I adore these mods and the sheer amount of items they add to give me more options on what to do with my farm.

Sadly I can't find any updates or patches to make these mods work on 1.6 and I have a sinking feeling it'll either be a long time before an unofficial version of the mods is made, or in a more hopeful scenario, Paradigmnomad comes back and updates them which is unlikely at best from them not updating or uploading anything for over 3 years.

I understand I can just make a separate mod pack for the old version and play that, however that's not what I wish to do, I want to explore the new update and play with all the mods I like, I've already lost 1/3 of them and it seems with this its now closer to 1/2 of all my mods are not compatible and likely won't be updated, I expected this but am hopeful that if anything comes up relating to this or other old mods of great quality that this post can be used as a sort of 'community center' to inform others of the mods, both old ones that need to be updated or fixed, and the fixes or updated (both official and unofficial) mods to be shared for everyone to be informed.

this is my first ever post so do please forgive me if it seems odd, I just felt the need to get this out there in a vain hope that someone with coding skills would see it and find it a good challenge or something.

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