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better Equipment tempering

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is it possible to change the way tempering in game works? how i want it to work is that all equipment requires only one kind of item to temper, lets call it sunstone, and each time an equipment is tempered, instead of gainning tempering level based on smithing skill, it will always go only a single level, in this case, using the tempering name change mod, ive set it up so itll show +1, +2, +3 etc. your smithing skill will determine the success chance of tempering using this formula

base chance = 75%

base chance + 25%(if tempering equipment thats you have perks for, ie steel needs basic smithing)

base chance - 10% per tempering level

base chance - 15% per material difficulty. x0 iron/steel, x1 elven/dwarven, x1.5 orcish/glass, x2 ebony, x3 daedric/dragon

base chance + 1% per 10 smithing skill level


in this formula, say you want a dwarven sword +3 to reach +4, and you dont have the advance smithing, you have 30 smithing, that would be 

success chance = 75% - 30% = 45% - 15% = 30% + 3% = 33% final success chance.


at +1 ~ +3, failing a tempering wont do anything harmful. but at +4 ~ +6, a failed tempering has a 20% chance to do nothing, 45% chance to reduce the tempering by 1, and 3% to outright break the item. at +7 onwards(if you set up the tempering name chance mod that way), theres a 35% chance that a failed tempering may reduce your tempering by 4 levels(yes its designed to set you back so much), and 65% to break the item.


this tempering method is derived from most MMO of the 90s like ragnarok online and maybe flyff, and i just felt its more engagint this way than then current tempering system

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