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The game unexpectedly crashes


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The game suddenly crashes.
It freezes so well that I have to restart my computer,
Is it possible an incompatibility with the Nvidia drivers perhaps? (RTX 3070OC)

It happens sooner or later no matter what you are doing... I tried with F4SE and without

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  • the problem is definitely caused if you are running and pressing tab
  • sometimes in loading menus
  • do not use F4SE if it increases the risk
  • I'm investigating and apparently even using the unofficial patch could increase decrease the risk
  • Translation mods most likely increase the risk????
  • It's almost certainly Robco patcher's fault
  • I was using an older version of the achievement enabler which hadn't caused me any problems until this morning...
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the problem...
it was quite clear that it was connected to this, however if others are experiencing these problems it is not due to the mods.
Check the year of production of your PC components because their obsolescence has been ordered.

I'm working on finding another explanation, for example seeing if the problem is due to the NVIDIA drivers but unfortunately there is no possibility of a different interpretation.
The 3070 GPU and the Intel 9600K CPU both reach 100% usage in GTA online for no apparent reason, the same happens in Fallout just before freeze/crash

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The problem of freezes and crashes for owners of Intel processors arose from a conflict between motherboard (companies) and Intel.
Therefore, after updating the bios, the problem continues to occur, for example also on CS2, but at least now I can finish the task without having to unplug the PC.

The problem has been seen on 13-14th gen processors, but in my case also on 9th generations, the problem arises from excessive power absorption as the motherboard does not limit correctly.
If updating the Bios isn't enough, there are videos that apply the correct changes.

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The problem is solved.
The problem is caused by an incomplete configuration of the M2 Nvme SSD card, you need to make some settings in the bios and activate the UEFI boot.
It cannot be revealed even by the official program and you may use the computer for over 6 years with strange unexplained and undisclosed defects.

with window 11 and recent updates the correct configuration has become mandatory.

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