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Simple mod, or is it? (Dragons that fly faster). Skyrim SE.... Script Attached.


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I have searched high and low for a mod that does this and I have found nothing. I have always believed that dragons in Skyrim Special Edition Fly too slow. IsharaMeradin made me a script, (i don't know how to read it) but when I try to make the mod in creation Kit it crashes after compiling script, so maybe the script just doesn't work or the fact that I have no Idea how to mod or how to use creation kit. If someone could make a mod for skyrim special edition that makes the dragons fly about 20% faster, I believe it would be a great addition to nexus. Below is what I had to work with and the instructions I tried to use to make the mod. It was so confusing and didn't even work but maybe someone else can make it work. I used Chat Gpt to generate the instructions, lol. please list IsharaMeradin in credit of the making of this mod.

skyrim faster flying dragons script.docx

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