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New rapid fire crossbow


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Hello everyone, I was inspired by the idea of diversifying my arsenal of small arms. I want to replace the visual of this crossbow. I’ve been using him for a long time, his model is excellent, but I want something new. There is this (2, 3) model from the game Witchfire. But I can't get the model to work in the game. English is not my native language, and the tutorials I came across did not lead me to the result. I was able to convert the model to nif and open it in nifscope, but I don't understand how to make it work in the game.

There are also animations for this model, so if you can work with that, it will be even better. I really want to diversify my arsenal of small arms. Otherwise, everyone makes beautiful, detailed clubs, but there’s nothing to shoot from...

If this idea is close to you and you have some experience, then write to the topic or PM. I will share resources. Or help with advice. I will be glad for any help.

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