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Stardew Valley

help!! smapi finding error on one specific game file, crashes trying to load

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i haven't touched this game file in years, its much older than the ginger island update. i thought i would load it up today and try and see what i could add to it from the 1.6 update! any attempt to load the save offers the same error message. (the farm name is Jinx Farm so that's pretty fitting, it turns out 🙃) my oldest save game from the first version of the game works perfectly fine with 1.6, so i don't think any weirdness here is caused by mods or the game being updated to new versions. i also can't recall if this specific save was originally on mobile and maybe something transferred bad, but then again i have another save imported from mobile that works.

i've not seen this message before this though, it could very well be obvious, so any help is very much appreciated! my smapi log is linked below.


(i am aware some mods need updates/fixes, i'll get to those haha! i can't imagine those are load bearing)

thanks in advance for the help!!!

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