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Orcs Have Children, Too.

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A mod that adds children in the Orc strongholds.  The kids should be doing various things, like:

1) Practicing sword techniques at the children's practice dummies with wooden swords - set somewhere near (not too near, for safety) the older siblings practicing with real weapons.

2) Bringing buckets of water, or sorting herbs as they help grandma make potions and elixirs.

3) Chopping and bringing wood for the work at the forge.

4) Moving lumps of mined ore to wagons or bins in the mine.

5) Assisting in some way with the preparation of the hunted game animals, and gathered food veggies.

6) Running in and out of the big lodge, and running around inside of the stronghold (as though running various errands, not playing).

If the player character tries talking to the kids, they always say something about being busy and don't have time to talk, or something about the code of Malacath and becoming stronger.

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That mod is for adoptable Mer children, if you want your character to adopt them.  What I'm talking about is when you go to one of the Orc strongholds, you see the children running around doing chores and other things that they would be doing as Orcs living in an Orc stronghold.  In other words, the kids shouldn't all be adults.  That Orc chief has a few wives and they are all bearing his children.

The place should be full of his kids in a wide range of age groups.  There should be Orc wives carrying a baby on her back in a baby backpack.  There should be small kids learning to talk and learning to do very simple chores, older kids actually doing chores, while the elder kids are learning how to do combat and to hunt.

When you go into the mines, the adults are digging, and the kids are carrying the ore to fill up a cart.  At the forge, the kids are bringing chopped wood to the wood pile.  That sort of thing.

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