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Can't get N*** skins to work for RE3 & RE2 Remake

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I'm having this issue where fluffy mod manager is saying that the mod is insalled but when i get into the game, i either can't change claire's costume or the skin mod doesn't work in re3 when i join the game, now previously i did actually get the claire mod working in the past, i remember using the first person mod and looking down seeing Claire's N**** body, now ever since it's been updated i can't get any of them working, also that mod i can't get acess to again for some reason as the page is dead, i tried using a different model mod of her being like that but nothing, i tried doing dx11 on turning that off nothing, i even tried downgrading the game to non rt and still nothing, as for re3 im having the same problem making me wonder if it's even possible anymore to install skin mods or are they just not compatible with the game idk, my friend on steam linked me the skins that he had but i don't think they worked

i did however get one N skin working for Jill but it's a thic one, i guess those other mods just aren't compatible with the game anymore no matter how hard you try to install them?

anyways i need help, anyone know whats going on?

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Update: I found a fix, if you uninstall the mod from the modmanager and re-read game archives a few times and refresh the mod list a few times then install it again it will work

got my skinny N**** jill mod to work YES!

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