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A mod that disables Salma and Beem-ja along with their camp?

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There little quest has always upset me. I normally avoid their dungeon because of them. Recently, I ran through it, but I managed to evade them somehow. I had the Voice of the Sky thing, so I was able to walk past all the spiders at the start leaving them to fight them alone. This seems to have allowed me to run through the entire dungeon without them being involved at all. I don't think I even got a quest. However, I've since read this is a bug that can occasionally occur, meaning that I may not be able to reproduce it.

I would prefer a mod that simply removes these npcs and their camp from the game. I have yet to get TES5Edit running, and I've never had much luck with the CK otherwise I may attempt it myself. Besides, I've never had the CK work for me for some reason. When I tried to make world edits with it in the past, the program would just produce a blank esp. Seemingly less than half its functions worked for no reason. Don't know if it would work better now that I've changed OS (Skyrim does seem to run better than it ever did before, so I guess the proton emulator is better than whatever windows 10 comes with), but either way I found the stupid thing nigh impossible to use due to the utterly shitty camera controls.

Maybe I should attempt it myself, though honestly I wouldn't know how to disable an npc or static objects in the CK. I'm used to doing it through xEdit. Where would the record even be?

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