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Flintlock mesh made from another mod. But I can't find the author.


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Hi, I've created a flintlock mesh in nifskope. But the barrel of this gun is from another mod I downloaded off the nexus called "M16 with M203". However, based on the description, it sounds like the mod author did not create the original mesh. The description says that a Lord Slyther created the original m16 mesh.

Problem is, I can't seem to find the original mod that M16 with M203 was based on. Thus, it doesn't seem I'm able to find any way to contact Lord Slyther.

If I'm unable to contact Lord Slyther to get permission to use their original M16 mesh, does that mean I'm unable to upload this flintlock mesh to the nexus?

By the way, this is what the flintlock mesh looks like. Thanks.


UPDATE; actually, I think I might have found a work-around. I think I can use a different object for the barrel instead of the one I downloaded.



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