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Lots and lots of data for planets and systems


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Hello! Ive bin working on collecting some data for a personal project and now it should be complete.

Just wanted to share it if someone else have a use for it.



# Starfield Systems and Planets Data

This repository contains data representing various systems and their planets from the game Starfield.

## Introduction

Welcome to the Starfield Systems and Planets Data repository. Here, you will find comprehensive data on the different systems and their planets within the Starfield universe.
This data can be used for various projects, analyses, or just for fun exploration of the Starfield world.

## Contents

- Data from all systems and around 1600 planets
- All data contained within a JSON file with over 40,000+ lines of data
- Detailed information on planetary types and their moons

## Data Field Descriptions

Each planet in the dataset is described using the following fields:

- **name**: The name of the planet.
- **type**: The type of the planet (e.g., Rock, Gas Giant).
- **gravity**: The gravitational pull of the planet, measured in g (Earth's gravity).
- **temperature**: The general temperature classification of the planet (e.g., Cold, Hot).
- **atmosphere**: The type and composition of the planet's atmosphere.
- **magnetosphere**: The presence and type of the planet's magnetic field.
- **water**: Information about the presence and safety of water on the planet.
- **biomes**: The types and percentages of biomes present on the planet.
- **traits**: Unique planetary traits or phenomena (e.g., Solar Storm Seasons, Gaseous Front, Gravitational anomaly).
- **fauna**: The number of animal species present on the planet.
- **flora**: The number of plant species present on the planet.
- **resources**: List of resources available on the planet(Inorganic, organic).
- **domesticable**: Species that can be domesticated(Organic materials farmable at the outpost).
- **gatherable**: Items or materials that can be gathered(e.g., Organics gatherable from plants and animals).
- **hab_rank**: The habitability rank of the planet.
- **planet_length**: The length of a day on the planet, measured in Earth hours.

## Data Sources

The data in this repository has been collected from various sources including the game Starfield, official game documentation, and community contributions. Below are the main sources referenced:

- https://inara.cz/starfield/news/    https://starfieldwiki.net/wiki/Starfield:Planets
- Starfield game data and in-game observations
- Contributions from the Starfield community and fan sites

## How to Use

Feel free to explore and use this data for your own projects or contributions. You can clone this repository and dive into the data.

## Contributing

I welcome contributions! If you have additional data, improvements, or corrections, please feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request. Sending a message works fine aswell!


Enjoy exploring the Starfield universe!

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