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so how bad was the last update...


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On 6/4/2024 at 12:21 AM, fraquar said:

IMO Todd was more worried about Fallout:London than trying to ride the wave of the Fallout TV show.

lol, agree!

Modders showing Todd how things should be done on this abomination of a game engine (and they do it MUCH better than Beth).
I get that  you can't hire everyone, but it would be pretty easy for Beth to create some kind of group/team inviting in the modders to get them to explain how they to the things they do......on this engine.
Stupid if you ask me, in my world (work) I am always looking for the creative people thinking outside the box.

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I watched a few other of his video and understood much better why Elder Scrolls went from:

3 years to 5 years to 13 years and counting between releases.   

Why the next installment of Fallout (proper) likely won't be seen until the 2030's.

Now you understand why I said Todd was more worried about Fallout:London than about "cashing in" with a 10 year old game based off a TV show generating interest.

That Fallout:London team was working with their own money and a ton of passion.

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