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Help finding specific texture in CreationKit


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Hi all,

I'm quite new ont the forum, even if i'm kinda an oldie modder.

I would like to know if there's any way to find a specific texture (by a search function ?) into Creation kit. For exemple "BldgFut01MetalSheets01_d.dds"

I explain the thing : I pick textures to work one in texture folders. I redone it. The thing is, i want to make before/after screens for image section on my mod page, but for that i have to look for the texture in FO4 game and it's really ..... difficult to find !

So i would like to know is there's any way to find any location in Creation Kit where the texture can be found, for finding it easily inGame. I tried search function but did not find.



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If you are altering a texture then surely you know what object uses that texture no?

Right clicking the object in the object window and selecting "use info" will give you a list of every reference that uses the object. Double clicking one of the references will load the reference and the subsequent cell in the render window.

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No, i do not. I pick texture directly in textures folder, so i do not know what meshe is linked to.

I know all the basics about nif, bgsm and all , but this do not help.

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I'm sorry, but that is a very foolish way to pick a texture to edit. No where in the CK is it possible to see a direct texture link. The only place to find such data is in the BGSM files or the mesh itself.

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No disrespect. I will try to help you find a way to locate it.

I'm thinking you could temporarily replace the texture in question with something that can't be missed like solid neon green or yellow. then you will have to look for it. Using the naming convention of the folders and file you should be able to narrow the search to specific types of meshes. For this file my guess is it is part of the deco building set used in the city.

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No disrespect meant, but worm82075 is right. You should NOT select your texture to edit that way. Because this game comes with a ton of textures that they did not use in-game.

So, you might have picked one you will never find ... So I strongly advice you to not just edit textures at random by browsing them.


Anyway, we are past that point so lets see if we can trace it to an object:

Although not foolproof, the directory structure is usually very similar between, materials, textures, meshes & the object tree inside CK.

The texture can be found in: Textures\Architecture\Buildings

This usually corresponds with a material file (by the same name) in: Materials\Architecture\Buildings

& a mesh in: Meshes\Architecture\Buildings


In this case, there is no Materials\Architecture\Buildings\BldgFut01MetalSheets01.bgsm or anything that looks like it could contain a link to the texture. No worries, it wouldn't solve much in finding an object. However, this could mean it is indeed an 'unused texture'.


What we actually need to do is search the .nif files, inside Meshes\Architecture\Buildings

For this I use Notepad++ a free programming tool, which has a 'search in files' function that gives me 24 hits!

So, it is being used 😉 by the following meshes: (Note: as with textures, not all meshes that come with the game are actually used in-game)



Now find these inside CK, and check their use. From there you can jump to it in the game world, as worm82075 already explained.

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14 minutes ago, RoNin1971 said:

Because this game comes with a ton of textures that they did not use in-game.

I did not know that ! 

I did not know notepad can do search in files ! That is very usefull !

Edit : you were really effective. Search in file is exactly what i need. I then can easily find a linked nif in CK and the location coords to jump in Game !

Thank you 👍

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