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Mod Upload stuck in malware detection, because of file type.


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Hi everyone,

Im not sure if this is the right place, so sorry in advance if it isnt.

Yesterday I uploaded an update for my Stardew Valley Modification Don't Disturb
The file stucks in the malware scanner, because of the file type.

The modification has a LITE and FULL version.
The LITE version will work like all other content patcher modifications, too.
The difference to the FULL version is that the game must be restated before a sound is reactivated again which can be inconvenient.

The FULL version needs soundfiles from the game to be working. For this reason did I wrote a Batch Script which controlls unxwb.exe (well known soundfile extractor command-line and listed on SDV Wiki) and ffmpeg.exe (well known Audio & Video converter command-line) to extract & encode the needed soundfiles. In an outdated version of my mod did I delivered the soundfiles with the mod, but I feeling not good about that and this was the reason why I wrote the Batch Script so the users are able to unpack & encode the soundfiles from there game.

The Batch Script does follows and nothing else:
- Checking if unxwb.exe & ffmpeg.exe is located in the same folder as the script. If not show Error.
- Checking if manifest.json & content.json is present in the mod folder. If not show Error.
- Checking the UniqueID of manifest.json & content.json to get sure that its Don't Disturb 1.0.0-lite. If not show Error.
- Checking if Stardew Valley.exe is present to get sure to be in right directory. If not show Error.
- Checking if Wave Bank.xwb is present. If not show Error.
- Start unxwb.exe to extract PCM WAV from Wave Bank.xwb to "..\Don't Disturb\snd"
- Start ffmpeg.exe to encode PCM WAV from "..\Don't Disturb\snd" to OGG Vorbis to same directory.
- Delete all remaining temporary PCM WAV files from "..\Don't Disturb\snd"
- Overwrite manifest.json & content.json from Don't Disturb 1.0.0-lite with Don't Disturb 1.0.0-full
- Check if Don't Disturb 1.0.0-full was successfully installed.

The Problem is now that VirusTotal has some malware scanners which doesn't support Batch Scripts. When I would known this before did I wrote something different. In my eyes is this silly, because when someone think a *.bat file is more risky as an *.exe or *.ps1 did I really have to lough out loud.

I have allready written an e-mail to the support, but I guess will last long so I decide to open a thread and would ask for help.

Would be very kind if someone from NexusMods can help me about to clear this up, because Im a Modder which is more focused on quality of life & bugfix modifications.
Let me know if I have to deliver something like a video.

kindly regards


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Thx NexusMod, for the fast process of my issue.

Thread can be closed.

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