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Activating a crafting menu from dialogue

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I'm trying to create a patch for COIN and Exchange Currency, which includes making some new exchangers (crafting menus) for the new coins added by COIN.

I've worked out that I need to create the workbench object and place it somewhere in the world - I'm using the same cell as Exchange Currency uses to put its hidden workbenches in.

What I can't work out is how to activate the bench from dialogue. Papyrus is far from my strong point, and I find the documentation on the wiki very sparse and confusing. I have this:

Scriptname CHAEDQDremoraMerchantScript extends TopicInfo  

ObjectReference Property CraftingExchange Auto  


But the compiler tells me no viable alternative at input '.', where '.' is the dot between CraftingExchange and Activate on line 5.

I'm stumped. Is my syntax wrong? Do I need an event wrapper? (I couldn't find one that seemed appropriate.) Am I going about this completely the wrong way? Help please!

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You have to do this from inside the CK.

In the CK topic info window, there are two bottom panes in which you type code fragments. Just type a semicolon ";" in the left pane. Press ok to close the window. Open it again, and now click on the "properties" button, create a new property of type "ObjectReference", named "CraftingExchange". Fill the new property. Finally, replace the semicolon in the pane script fragment pane with "CraftingExchange.Activate(Game.GetPlayer())". Hit OK to close the topic info window.

Hope all goes well, or report back with error messages.
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