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Vortex Launching inferior version of MHW?


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I really don't know how to TL;DR this post as it's becoming increasingly frustrating dealing with this game and its absolute dogshit code.


Using mods or collections for this game seem to NEVER WORK no matter what you do. I've now spent days trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with the game or what's wrong with vortex for it to be producing files in the manner that it does.

It seems when launching a modded version of world that uses PURELY cosmetic changes with no UI/Performance boosts/changes outside of cosmetic, the game launches as a vastly inferior and out of date version, namely, 14.11.01 when I know for a fact the base game is running on 15.22.0

Because the game runs this inferior version, I seem to only ever get 2 possible outcomes.

A: The game launches, but the save version is inferior to the game version, which then promptly overwrites my save and creates a new blank level 1 save that starts from the beginning due to a 'Save file different from game version. Please update' error on loading.

B: The game launches, the mods work, but the game is inferior in version and thus is not able to connect to the live servers, the game version is stuck at 14.11.01

I have exhausted all my own knowledge on what could be causing this, from using tools like MHWSaveTransfer, to creating a tool that directly launches from the .exe file in the root folder.

At this point I question if I'm just stupid, or if there's something wrong with the game or vortex. Is vortex only able to launch a pre-Iceborne version of the game and thus destroys any saves?

Is vortex bugged in some way? Is something forcing the game version to an inferior version when mods are used on purpose?


Any help would be appreciated, it's frustrating dealing with garbage code and broken outdated versions of the game. 

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