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Neck gap

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So, I have this face replacer to my npc that works with weight around 75, but I want the body to be weight 100, thus causing neck gap.

I don't want to change the body to be weaker, I want to change the face (it's not preset).

How do I do?

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It's been a while since I edited an NPC with a customized head mesh, but...

Does the neck gap exist in new saves, or only old ones that didn't start with that NPC edited?

Does setting the body at 99 still cause a neck gap?

Was the head created with only the regular sliders -- meaning you could re-export facegen data from that NPC, and still have the same face with the neck sized correctly?  Or was the mesh manually tweaked too, in the mesh-edit pane of RaceMenu or in a .nif editor?

It's possible you might have to edit the existing .nif to fit the new weight -- possibly using a head mesh for the same weight body as a template. 

But I'm not really sure; I haven't installed or edited many NPC appearance mods.

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That, I am afraid, is NOT a trivial thing.    Lets assume  this NPC is female and you use CBBE.   First, lets do the nude body.    Assuming this NPC uses default body for their race.    

Launch Outfit Studio, load a reference, i.e. CBBE 3BA Body.    In the list of sliders, look for 'Neck Seam' , click the pencil next to it, then click the gear icon.   Uncheck 'Hidden', click OK, click pencil icon again.    

Do File - Save Project As - 
Give it a name (MyNPC_Body),  leave output file name as femalebody, give an alternate output path (i.e. meshes\actors\character\MyNPC), an alternate slider set file (MyNPC) and Shape Data Folder.

Lets say you want your NPC to use 'CBBE Curvy' preset.   Launch BodySlide, select 'MyNPC_Body'  outfit.   select 'CBBE Curvy' preset.    You will see that there is a 'Neck Seam' slider present, which is actually 100% at weight 0 and 0% at weight 100.   Basically, it is inverse to weight.  You will want to set this slider to 25% (100 - 75)  for both high and low weight. Then click 'Save As' and name it something like 'Curvy75'    In groups, check 'CBBE'.   Build 'MyNPC_Body' to this preset.    

Next, open CK, load your NPC mod esp.   In ArmorAddon, locate and open  'NakedTorso', change its ID to, say 'MyNPC_NakedTorso', change Biped model for female to point to the body mesh you built (meshes\actors\character\MyNPC\femalebody_1.nif, when clicking OK, choose to create new form.
In Armor section, locate and open 'SkinNaked',  Rename ID to 'MyNPC_SkinNaked', and in Models list, delete 'NakedTorso', and right-click - New - select 'MyNPC_NakedTorso'.  Again choose to create new form.
In Actor section, locate your mod NPC record,  and in the Traits tab, in 'Skin' field, select 'MyNPC_SkinNaked'.  While there, set the weight to 100 as well.    Save the esp.

Now, this takes care of the naked body, but what about clothed?   Whatever outfit you choose for this NPC, it will have to be unique to that NPC, and you will need to build that outfit in BodySlide to that 'Curvy75' preset you created.    


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Import the 75 weight new  head nif in expired racemenu mod, set the body weight to 100 and export it,  then with nifskope paste over the the  follower Game old  head (back it up first) with the mesh head data from newly exported 100 weight  temp head... is how to do it, BUT I refuse to write an essay on nifskope, you asked how, I told you..  BTW exporting NPC file for the  creation kit is not necessary 

That way all the textures paths and head name parted  from your old head are preserved,  IF DONE CORRECTLY..  this requires some serious nifskope skills or you learning them... there plenty of guides good luck

SUMMING UP  fix the head weight in race menu as a tool and merge it, if you made a follower, you know the drill, I am not nifmerge user  or recommend it, (i am aware of it's short comings) but that does mean you can not use it OK? When merging the fix 100 weight head

EDIT Never done it, but if I had to it, that what my brains tells me to do, untested theory 

EDIT#2 if it works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ your followers will support all body types out the hat, with the new head... so try this first before @scorrp10 , if  it fails try his methodology, but I will repeat it is just an untested  unproven idea. That should support all body, if it works..


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Indeed, this method works, and it is definitely a better option, but fairly easy to mess up. 


  1. Locate NPC head nif in data/meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom/modname.esp/, copy to data/skse/plugins/chargen.  We will call this file 'original'.
  2. Launch game, from main menu use 'coc qasmoke' to load into test area.   Use 'showracemenu' to enter racemenu.
  3. Set desired sex, race and weight.   Note:  need to use race that was used when creating the NPC head mesh.   I have seen follower mods where follower race is set to High or Wood Elf, but race used for head mesh is like Nord.
  4. Go to Sculpt, Import head, select the .nif file from step 1.    Look at which meshes match.   If 'head' mesh matches (green), you are good.   
  5. If head mesh shows as red, cancel import, and go to 'HEAD' slider section and pick a different Face Part.   If the NPC is high poly head, you will need to have HPH installed and choose a KLH_...   headpart.
  6. Back to Sculpt- Import - with head mesh part being green, toggle off any red parts before importing.    
  7. Make sure your weight is set to desired value, go back into Sculpt - Export - and export the head as something like "MyNPC_new".    Exit game.
  8. From data/skse/plugins/chargen, open both original nif and new nif in NifScope side by side.   They will look kinda messed up, neck sticking out above head,  that is not a problem.
  9. On each, expand root, BSFaceGenNiNodeSkinned.    Locate head mesh in each.   In the new .nif, rename the head mesh to same exact name as in  original, down to capitalization. 
  10. From original head mesh, copy-paste all the texture paths into new head mesh, as well as go through various other flags/settings. and copy them over as well.
  11. In original, delete the head mesh (Ctrl+Del)
  12. In new, copy head mesh branch (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) under BSFaceGenNiNodeSkinned into the original.    Save.
  13. Copy modified original into data/meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom/modname.esp/    Make a backup of existing file.
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