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Outfit Studio... where to get High Heels Reference Body

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I've been making Vtaw 9 Treasure Hunt mod, fixing some of the problems Vtaw 9 has, such as no Reference body on items with see through mesh texture mods.

I've successfully fixed some of them, but with the Reference Body CBBE. Outfit Studio doesn't seem to move the bones, when you move the body, stopping the head and hands connecting with the body.

Vtaw 9 is made with High Heels, and the High Heels System Reference Body.


I can't seem to find a link for a CBBE High Heels Reference Body... anyone have a link for High Heels Reference CBBE Body.


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Thanks... Smooth Feet High Heels Body - CBBE


It was in the optional files, I'd already downloaded it, a long time ago, along with the Uniboob and Unibutt. But never enabled the mod...

I am fixing the Vtaw 9 bodies that have missing parts of the Reference Body mesh, visible when you use translucent or mesh clothing. They look amazing... Along with a full set of Ground and Preview objects, for all Vtaw 9 clothing.

Adding the fixes in my Vtaw 9 Treasure Hunt. WIP


Outfit Studio, as far as I know, can't move the skeleton, when you move the CBBE body up and down on the ground plane.

Making the Hands and Head not link with the body correctly, when using a standard CBBE Body.


A Base High Heel Body, will have the correct Skeleton I need, so the HHS High Heels will set to the correct height automatically.


Thanks for the link... 🙂

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