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Please help - Game crashing on startup with only 35 mods :(


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EDIT - Apologies to the mod author, I'm not sure if this is the cause...  I've tried using Buffout 4 with it's crash log to try and troubleshoot the issue myself. But Buffout 4 hasn't updated it's F4SE compatibility so I don't think it works anymore, or I couldn't get it to work at least.



If anyone can help me please, I'm desperado!

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I have a some questions and suggestions:

1. what F4SE plugins are you running? Would be nice to provide screenshots of the MODS section of vortex.

2. Are you running F4SE through f4se_loader.exe ? make sure you do so.

3. If you are running the latest version of Long Loading Times Fix uninstall it as it's known to cause random crashing.

4. Remove any F4SE mods which haven't been updated to support the latest version of the game.

5. Make sure your ini files are setup correctly to run loose files. Look up any basic modding tutorial for Fallout 4 on youtube or use Bethini Pie for a quick solution.

6. Last but not least, turn off Weapon debris, or download the fix for it.

You said your game crashes on startup, but bellow are solutions that might solve some gameplay crashes:

1. likely suspects are Enhanced Lights and FX / A Forest / True Nights those are very old and probably incompatible with a lot of stuff, but I'm not quite sure.

2. when uninstalling a mod, try disabling then deploying in the MODS section of vortex to move all the mod files from the game directory.

3. AdjustableSurvivalModeDamage.esl isn't tied to a mod in vortex, which leads me to believe you either installed it through Bethesda.net or dragged and dropped manually. Make sure there aren't any unknown files in the data folder.

4. You don't seem to be running Previsibines Repair Pack  which I highly recommend. Although since you're running The Rebuild Collection, Make sure to load PRP.esp BEFORE  Rebuild_Settlements_Previs.esp in case you decide to install it.\

If nothing works, try Disabling all mods from the mods section, deploy. then Remove everything from the Fallout 4 game directory, Reinstall the game, Reenable all mods, then Redeploy. Might be corrupted game files.

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II don't use Vortex so I can't help you with it's mechanics of how it manages mods.

That said, these are the troubleshooting steps I'd take given your post of the problem - since there is really nothing to go off of from it:


1)  Make sure that the F4SE version I'm using matches the version of the game I'm using.

2)  Make sure it is installed correctly (the binaries and the scripts)

3)  Set up Vortex to run with NO mods active.    I'd do this to make sure the game loads and I can verify F4SE is loading correctly. (check by using in-game console)

4)  Check EACH and EVERY F4SE mod you use to make sure it's meant to work with the version of F4SE you are using. (once you've cleared step 3)

5)  Activate ONLY the F4SE mods you use and run the game through Vortex - check each to make sure they are loading. (use the in-game console - or look at the logs)


Beyond that.   Rebuild AIO has Rebuild - Shared Resources as a master file.    Make sure you aren't using an older version of Rebuild - Shared Resources - make sure that is the latest version (2.7 is the last version).   The Rebuild - Shared Resources is backwards compatible with mods that require it - it doesn't work the other way around.

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