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changing a mod script

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I downloaded a mod called Less overpowered decontamination arch. I like the restrictions but want to change the radiation it will be usefui at. Right now the base mod makes it so you can't heal rads if you are over 150. I want to up this to 600 (where it turns red on the rad meter on the pip boy). I figured out how to un-compile the pex into a psc file using Champollion. This gives me a file i can edit. it looks straight forward from here just change the value to what i want then recompile.

I want to change the line

If (RadsToHeal <= 150)


If (RadsToHeal <= 600)

Seems simple. save and recompile but mod acts normally when i go into game. Now i have no idea what I'm doing but this seems like it should work. strange thing is if I un-compile the pex and open the new psc file it has reverted back to the old value of 150. I am not touching anything else so far but wanted to ask for help. Why is nothing actually changing? is it because I am using vortex or the mod is installed via vortex? are there more up to date tools? CK kinda sucks so was hoping for an easier way. If I can't do it my way can someone help me figure out how to do it via CK.

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Just in case this comes up I am making sure to save the psc file after editing I am at least this competent. Even save close and reopen to make sure there is a change to the file. I may be a little too careful.

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