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[1.1] GaiaArkA0314 Under Attack

The mutaghoulers had breached through the damaged barriers zone, screaming in rage and hate as if driven by pain along with hard orders. The SQuins aimed their tripulserifles to bring down attacker after attacker. Most mutaghoulers were not very intelligent, were armed with basic hand weapons only, but there were smarter ones who used their pipeguns with dangerous skill. The defenders stun dropped some of the enemy shooters, so as to study them later, but would kill most of them or so ran the plan.

That was heavy stun pulses for the chosen few but death pulses for most

Sharry, of the SQuins, spoke through helmet 2ways to the other power armoured Gaiaregainers there who, like her, were Gaiareseekers as of a special Gaiaregainer unit. "Somebody has been equipping mutaghoulers with makeshift body armour, melee weapons and pipeguns. Seems a crazy thing to do unless the mutaghoulers are scavenging items to pay for such gear."

K9herois was in his human shapeform, with some wolfdog features, firing off his quadruple barrelled shotgun. He used it to fire off spinbullets from the upper two barrels and spinslugs from the lower ones, the spin projectiles were designed to do so while going through a smoothbore. K9herois could take the form of a human, a wolfdog or a squat wolfdog human that was good at climbing. Now he was a human in his Gaiareseeker power armour.

Blondes, with blue eyes, were Sharry, Shenny, Shimmy, Shotty and Shully being all attractively dangerous young women. Not that these details showed up much in their power armour that sported individual identification symbols.

The male human, Le'Nerd, fired off an arrow missile from his semiautomatic launchergun and blew apart a tight cluster of more stupid type mutaghoulers. An enemy spinbullet pinged off his helmet even as he ducked down with a curse.

Stanleygo hid in a tree, with a pair of scan binoculars, not shooting so as not to expose his position to the enemy but reporting to the others, their activity, through the 2ways. He wore power armour adapted to fit his geng (genetically engineered) gorilla body.

Shenny 2wayed. "This could be a testing attack on our defences with the mutaghoulers being used as expendable cannon fodder."

Shimmy added. "It could also be a diversionary attack."

The artificial cavern chamber echoed with what was a large scale skirmish taking place. There were some trees, a few bushes, grasses, a defense security wall and some guard towers. Sunlight was coming down from two big sky windows inset into the rocky ceiling high above where it was hotly sunny in a semiarid desert. Solar power panel arrays took advantage of the sunshine and somebody had hung out shirts on a clothes line. The locals had fled into their underground warrens as manoid humanoids.

Shotty frowned. "Smells of insider information, of betrayal."

Shully spoke. "Could be there was old information found out there, somewhere, but... yes, I support your 'instinct'."

The enemy force, such as it now was, broke of the attack and retreated quickly away.

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[1.2][2] GaiaArkA0314 Under Attack

That assault had been one of four such in the same area. There had been two of mutaghoulers, one of hulking mutagolems and one of mutahumans not much less crazy than the mutaghoulers. All had been provided with a mad mix of melee weapons and pipeguns along with some armouring. Some had even died with old style fire-axes falling from their hands. All captured gear was put to one side after it soon became apparent no real clues could be found there to whom had provided it all. That was no accident but was well planned.

All captives all died when metallic brain implants exploded inside their skulls. Except that one implant failed and the SQuins, along with DocSmith, examined it after it had been removed, and cleaned up, from the now dead captive.

DocSmith frowned. "Before each device exploded it released deadly poison into the victim's brain just to make sure that they died."

They were in a local concrete chamber, underground, of a Gaiakeeper Outpost. It had been set up as a basic forensics room.

The Gaiakeepers had been looking after the solar power arrays and other tech for the use by the local manoid peoples. The manoids, in return, cultivated small crops and hunted some types of local animals of the more prolific type.

DocSmith went on, his pale face covered with a grim expression. "Pleasure pain giver being pleasure as a reward and pain as punishment. Most likely both could be varied in intensity. The Enslavers use such devices on their expendable victims but, as you know, they are far from the only ones to do so. We will not find any useful information, about where the devices came from, by examining any of them."

Those who made such tech went out of the way to disguise just where they were manufactured and for good reason as many hated the Enslavers, and those who supplied them, while others sought to bring such criminals to hard justice.

Two of the Andybrothers, sophisticated androids, were sorting out dead attacker bodies. They looked like identical twins in their Gaiaregainer jumpsuits. They were hairless with smooth, grey, skin and darker grey eyes with perfectly asymmetrical faces.

Alarms rang as another round of attacks began on GAA0314.

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[1.3][3] GaiaArkA0314 Under Attack

It was another big, artificial, cavern site but one used as a quarry. Remoterobots, and power armoured workers, had withdrawn after fighting against great odds to first blunt the new assault that had been a surprise for that area was thought to be isolated from the outside.

The RQuins, male counterparts to the SQuins, were Rharry, Rhenny, Rhizzy, Rhonny and Rhully.  They were accompanied by TechiSue who guided four remoterobots being two of fire support, one of technical support and the last of medical support. Even as they came into position, Gaiaguards were busy laying down fire against the hulking mutagolems with their large pipeguns and oversized melee weapons. All the humans there were geng and had enhanced self healing abilities but even so the mutagolems were much stronger.

Except that is against the RQuins, or their sisters the SQuins, who seemed amazingly so even with out the use of power armour.

Rhizzy slammed into a hulking, neuter, creature and sent it hurling backwards and stopped it from killing a downed Gaiaguard woman. The medical support remoterobot picked her up, carefully, and whisked the wounded one way to be tended to by medics and a field doctor. Rhizzy shot the creature with his tripulserifle, not bothering to try to stun it down now that the brain implants were known about. He had dropped back, and down, before the creature was even confirmed dead.

A whole lot of large spinbullets zipped through the air where he had been.

Rharry spoke through 2ways. "The attacks must be a testing diversionary ones; they have achieved very little and have suffered heavy losses. To kill these enslaved ones is to grant them mercy."

The enemy stopped coming and none retreated for they were all dead or dying.

It was then that the burst of yellow white energies flashed through the whole zone. Celestial intervention took place though of a lowly level for such. The ramifications of celestial intervention were never straight forward and could easily be problematic.

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[1.4][4] GaiaArkA0314 Under Attack

Before the 'flash incident' the SQuins found themselves summoned, as Gaiaseekers of that elite unit, to make their way through the GaiaArk to the GaiaDeepvaults but not to the main ones full of resources to hopefully remake the devastated world with. No, they got off a monorail tram, before it reached the main deepvaults, and moved through a series of bland utility tunnels. It was as if these particular deepvaults had been deliberately isolated away from the main ones. With them went five others who had been with them before being Gavag, Stanleygo, Rattanboy, TechiSue and Le'Nerd. DocSmith was back doing forensic work on dead enemy bodies.

The SQuins began to run, towards trouble, even as the others did so. They came shooting into the big, largely bare, vault doors chamber while shooting their guns at the intruders. These were no cannon fodder but were deadly zocyborgers in charge of more common, weaker but still dangerous, zocyborgs. They were close to the scattered dead bodies of Gaiavaulters, who were specialised Gaiakeepers caring for all of the vaults, and Gaiaguards. Three deceased zocyborgs showed that, though they must have been taken by surprise, the defenders had managed to put up a fight even though both out armoured and armed.

Thirteen vault doors were there being one black, three red and nine amber. They were heavier armoured, as were the walls of the vault, than were the main deepvaults. It became clear, now, that the cannon fodder attacks had been to divert attention away from those deepvaults and their very dangerous contents.

Taken by surprise, as their victims had been, the Zocyborger Mercenaries were given no chance to surrender; there was no point since the cyborgs were deeply program conditioned not to do so, ever. The SQuins unleashed death pulses while the others utilised their favourite, closer order, weapons.

The savage fighting was short lived for then the flash of yellow white energies happened through out GAA0314.

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Note: Zocyborgs, as in common cyborgs of the Zocyborger Empire, have become zocyborgits. All cyborgs, of the empire, are now known as zocyborgs.

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[2.1][5] A New Deal Made With Celestial Mentors Benefactors Tributetees, CMBTs  

The SQuins met with the RQuins, the SMix and others of the Gaiaseekers, and their people, at their homebase. They withdrew there, as others withdrew to other places, to form meetings and to try to understand just what was going on in GAA0134 of GaiaArkdomAlpha.

Others were busy with the new citizens of transformed mutaghoulers, mutahumans, mutagolems, zocyborgers and zocyborgits. Not all at 'returned' the vanishing that took place with the flash but neither had all Gaiaregainers or those living with them as other GaiaArkfolk; more locals had 'returned', relatively speaking, than had the attackers. Many attackers had been resurrected as only the greater celestials could do with such pure refinement and wisdom.

GAA0134 was now all safely sealed up in a way it had not been since it had been struck by the side effects of the Doomsdays. The deepvaults were as full, of valuable resources, as they had supposed to have been in the first place but were not. The Gaiavaulters had now confessed that when they had grown curious, and had opened the deepvaults up against protocols, they had found them at least half empty and with many vital resources missing. They had feared to tell the truth lest they cause panic but now all was as it had promised to be with the main deepvaults being full of resources.

Other vaults were now full, as previously promised, to help fulfill the more immediate needs of all GaiaArkfolk and not just the Gaiaregainers.

The RQuins, and SQuins, were busy on the 3Dcomnetwork conversing with GaiaArk Government people, with those of Gaiaregainer Command, with news media editors and even the embassy staff of other GaiaArks of GaiaArkdomAlpha or at least those still in contact with.

New farming compounds had appeared where cultivation of very exotic crops was to be undertaken; tributes would be made of large amounts, of the produce, that would be delivered in a zymechanism of the living godfolk, the zygodfolk, who had a relationship to the elder celestials that was most cryptic as far as mere mortals went.

Shimmy sat with K9herois who was in his human form of some small wolfdog influence; the trimorpher spoke to his wife. "What of the dangerous deepvaults that the former enemies tried to get into?"

The blue eyed blonde, now in a standard Gaiaregainer jumpsuit, shrugged. "They vanished away from that vault chamber to be replaced by other deepvault doors of greater number and other colour coding but not of the standard ones of green, brown, grey, blue, gold, silver and copper. No, these ones are purple, orange and yellow. As yet they have proven to be firmly sealed up. Where the black, red and amber coded deepvaults went is a mystery which could well be a bonus. The Gaiavaulters have always had apprehensive feelings about those deepvaults and when a mysterious information source warned them that intruders might try to open those deepvaults, they did their best to protect them. Or at least a few of them did. The mysterious CMBTs gave our peoples some useful information on a conspiracy that involved traitors amongst our population but the details given were not great; 11 Gaiavaulters were amongst the traitors but none were resurrected."

Rharry spoke out. "All monorail trams have been fixed up as good as new, including those that were dumped to one side for possible future salvage, as has the monorail network. The same is true for our monorail trains and our bigger gauge monorail network as far as the GaiaArk Borders."

Such reports kept coming in, about the changes that had happened, but most were of replacements, improvements, of what had already been there. A few were to prove to be more 'interesting' than that such as the appearance of the new farming compounds and the zygodfolk tribute mechanism and the 'returned' attackers become citizens.

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[2.2][6] A New Deal Made With Celestial Mentors Benefactors Tributetees, CMBTs

Sharry, with Rhizzy and other Gaiaseekers as a taskteam, met with the new Gaiacyborg Leader who had once been an elite Zocyborger. The Field Manager, formerly a Silver Tristar General, JulseRada was busy with the workings of a new farming compound. Gaiacyborgs were cultivating biocrystallic yhiflowers of silicon based life. The falsely fragile looking growths could be quite dangerous to work with so even the cyborgs wore power armour. There were remoterobots assisting along with remotedrones flying low through the air.

"Never thought I would be a farmer but the work needs doing." JulseRada, being his informal public name, was standing in an enclosed observation tower at close to its top. "You want to know about the ones who contracted we zocyborgs to try to penetrate into those hidden away deepvaults. All I can tell you is that the code name given to us, by the contractor, was 13GoG31. Note that it is the same forward as reversed. Reminds me of the title of the infamous 13GeneG31 except that may be a matter of deliberate deception. If the Zocyborgzo Empire was not in strife, after suffering an attack by the treacherous Palyedom serving the GreatDestructor, the contract would not have been accepted. It was very generous in its rewards and half of the payment was sent, up front, to one of the Zocyborgzo Homeworlds, but it lacked in important detail and there was always a factor about it that made contract command wary."

The Zocyborgzo Empire officially had many 'homeworlds' but just one was its secret, blessed, original one; the zocyborgs were nothing if not paranoid but, considering the many powerful enemies they had made, that was understandable. They had mercenaries, space going privateers and operatives for contract missions but all were very expensive because one was paying for very high quality services.

Sharry spoke, taking first turn. "Your lords, and masters, must be upset at your 'vanishing'."

JulseRada snorted in annoyance. "All of us sent, on contract mission, were misfits including both higher level zocyborgers and lower level zocyborgits. We were all in a light level punishment unit for daring to question the wisdom, and even common sense, of our imperial central high command. If I had not come here, to end up transformed, I would have ended up being officially executed or semiofficially assassinated. The mysterious CMBTs paid off the contract, to the letter of the contract. Even though no bonuses were given I think that the elites, of the Zocyborgzo Imperium, would quietly accept the closure of the contract; even they have the sense not to mess with the celestials. On the other hand I do not think we have finished with them though I am not sure why this impression keeps with me so strongly as it does. Perhaps it is part of the changes that have happened to me."

Rhizzy nodded his own power armour helmet. "We wish to offer you, and a few of your chosen comrades, work with the Gaiaseekers."

"Well, the farming life is not for me, so I accept!" The Gaiacyborg sighed. "I will need to negotiate with your people."

Sharry responded. "We have already done all necessary paperwork and, if you Gaiacyborgs end up all serving us, we have arranged for a work force to replace you."

The former general spoke with a notable tone of irony. "Well, clearly you have a great deal of influence within the Gaiaregainer system and are most professional. It will be very interesting to work for you."

Rhizzy spoke. "Not for us but with us!"

JulseRada did not seem to know what to say so he said nothing.

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Note: Gaiaseekers are now renamed to be Gaiareseekers.

Post #7

[2.3][7] A New Deal Made With Celestial Mentors Benefactors Tributetees, CMBTs

Tough, transformed, mutaghoulers as gaiaghoulmans, mutagolems and gaiagolems and mutahumans as more gaiahumans, took over the cultivating of the exotic agricultural compound that the new gaiacyborgs departed from to serve with the Gaiareseekers. The unit had previously been sending scouting teams to 'reseek' to clarify if previously charted areas were the same but a lack of resources, and a need to carry out other duties, had hampered their main purpose in existing.

Gaiareseekers were the SQuins, the RQuins, 12 other humans, smartdroids of sophisticated androids and smartbots of advanced robots along with more androids, and robots, of more basic nature. Then there were the exotics such as trimorphers. It was ironic that at first the SQuins, and RQuins, were not generally counted as such though they were known to be so by a very few.

The Gaiareseekers cared for the SMix of 16 females, five males and four neuters who were permababies, permafants of permanent infants, permakids, permatweens and permateens. There were also cared for animals, plants, fungi and fringe entities being geng in nature but to different degrees.

Two taskteams set out to explore, chart and otherwise record the details of more isolated areas of the transformed GaiaArk for that went along with their primary duty. At first they went through secondary tunnel networks, utility tunnels, checking out chambers, alcoves and other features. As two taskteams took time off, two others took over the work. There had been explorations made before, and not just by that relatively new organisation, but again all such activities had been limited by lack of resources and other demands.

They did not really expect to find anything much different from rejuvenated features, topped up resources and even, hopefully, some additional ones as given by the CMBTs.

Then came the first surprise!

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[2.4][8] A New Deal Made With Celestial Mentors Benefactors Tributetees, CMBTs

The very large garden domechamber spanned out below a very realistic fake sky above and landscape to the sides outside of the dome of forest. There were remoterobots, remotedroids of dumb guided androids, and remotedrones buzzing through the air. There were also biodroids, biological androids, in bib-braces overalls, Tshirts and gumboots who also tended the gardens. Their Tshirts were colourful patterns of flowers and their overalls were blue denim.

Shotty looked around the Gaiaseeker Taskteam and then spoke to a Gaiagardener who had come forth to meet them. "The gardens are most beautiful but quite exotic when it comes to many of the plants growing here apart from the hedge walls and marble fixtures."

The biodroid had dark green hair, cropped short, and lighter green skin along with yellow eyes. "They are grown to serve the needs of the Rainbowisitis but also to be relaxing to that one of many as almost one. The Gaiagarden is under protection but Shemanyshe would be only to happy to allow GaiaArkfolk to have some of its produce in exchange for other tradegoods. What you call the CMBTs have not yet made you fully aware of the agreement but part of it is to assist the Rainbowisitis in exchange for some resources from here and elsewhere. This was a long dead, abandoned, garden before the celestial intervention took place, the flash of energies as you call it. A few, heavily damaged robots, androids and drones were here along with other technologies that were rejuvenated and multiplied."

BD3212 went on speaking with a lukewarm friendly voice. "Some kind of disaster took place here, perhaps linked to the Doomsdays but there are some renewed artefacts that one can find here. The domechamber is three kilometres wide and 1.5 kilometres high at its center. We grow flash berries, rainbow bananas, curly melons, biocrystalline substances, mushroom trees, sweetmeatics, potatoes, bioplastic mounds, yellow mellows, little Buddha flowers and much else. We have here chickens, podulabeasts, dairy cattle, meatworms, sheep, goats, and a few more of a larger variety."

A rainbow patterned tower rose up in the distance as an oversized copy of the long lost Eiffel Tower of Paris, France, of the Old Earth. Remotedrones flew to and from it as did hubcopters of helicopters with hub enclosed rotors. There were plenty of people there, it was clearly so even at that distance.

BD3212 pointed to the tower. "Rainbowisit wishes to meet you at the Rainbow Tower where Rainbowitis can be found also who serves Rainbowisit."

A cloud of rainbow spheres passed overhead but did not even slow to check out the newcomers.

A marble statue, of a part naked woman of Roman Imperial style, turned her head and spoke. "I suggest you go soon, in those coming hubcopters, as you know who is getting a little bored and sulky."

As the taskteam of made up of 10 members, they were soon being picked up by two medium sized hubcopters.

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[2.5][9] A New Deal Made With Celestial Mentors Benefactors Tributetees, CMBTs

Rainbowisitis turned out to be a rainbow baby figure in a hovering globe the top half of which was transparent while the lower half was rainbow patterned, the pattern ever flowing and changing as did the rainbow pattern of her skin. She, for there was a powerful impression of her being so, spoke out in an oddly vibrating, singsong voice. Information came out of her mouth as a rushed mixture.

"I am avatar of avatar of avatar of avatar of avatar and plenty more like that. Original Rainbowisitis is bigger than this galaxy. Rainbowisitis is here to help CelestiRaynbeHybribaby or CeRaHyBa to find lost celestial educational entertainment enhancing toys or CEEETs. Your acronyms are very interesting especially when pronounced as words. Iself, as many avatars at this level, must stay in this special protected garden which is an actual bubble and not just a domechamber. Iself does not know why this situation has been set up like it has been. Below this Rainbow Tower is a sphere inside the ground that is 100 metres across on the outside and three times bigger than than on the inside or so is the seeming nature of it. You can use that as your homebase, if you wish but maybe you should for it is a very good idea that you do so."

They were very high on the tower and floating rainbow sphere, as low level avatars of Rainbowishelpis, were hovering as guards, carers, servers of Rainbowisitis. They were in what might have been named as an Italian restaurant hybrid United States Diner plus Parisian Cafe. The Gaiareseeker Taskteam was sitting around one big, round, table with a very colourful tablecloth that looked like a big pizza. A large bowl, of multicoloured rainbow bananas, was at its center.

Stanleygo was eating his third rainbow banana. It had been discovered that he was a trimorpher of his standard gorilla self, a low flying glider self and an amphibious self with augmentation breathing gills.

Rharry spoke as one of the two RQuins there. "We accept and will bring with us our beloved ones who you could have happy times playing with."

Rainbowisitis bobbed up and down, chortling with glee before speaking. "SMix, pets, and all you other lovelies. You prepare for shift and Rainbowisit will transfer all across that you want to. Lots of resources stuff is already waiting for your use in your new Gaiareseeker Homebase as I just must have guessed you would agree to Iself's wonderful idea that Rainbowisit helped me come up with."

Shotty, as one of the two SQuins, in the taskteam, spoke out. "You are very very very clever Rainbowisitis as is lovely Rainbowishelpis."

With no pretense of humility, Rainbowisit responded. "Iself agrees with you. Have food-drink, those of you who eat and drink. Iself am thinking up ideas, with Rainbowitis helping, that you just might like."

Shully, as the other SQuin present, spoke in turn. "We might just want to work with your wonderful ideas, if you don't mind and you can work with ours."

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[2.6][10] A New Deal Made With Celestial Mentors Benefactors Tributetees, CMBTs

The Rainbow Eiffel Tower, as its name came to be in future, turned out to be mostly of a practical basis of technologies being used that were familiar as hitech to the Gaiaregainers. There was accommodation, workshops, small moderate production manufactories, two moderate sized factories, agricultural centres, service support networks, garden enclosures, social centres, cultural centres and so much else. Historically accurate staircases had been replaced largely by rampways. The were hubcopter helipads also used by large remotedrones. Emergency escape chutes were used by people for entertainment purposes but under careful supervision.

There was a rainbow sphere at its core, of flowing and glowing rainbow patterns. This was sealed off tightly being of, and for, Rainbowisit and Rainbowitis.

Then there was a biodroid centre where biological androids were grown to adulthood, of five years old, while being trained through 4SVR, Sensory Stimulation Simulation Scenario Virtual Reality. Biodroids were not one of the Gaiaregainer technologies but it seemed that they once had been, at least in an experimental fashion.

The taskteam went with Rainbowisit to a museum focused on the domechamber, bubble, as it had been. Biodroids had rebelled violently against any attempt to control them. They had used excessive force in doing so and in the ensuing battle had been exterminated and not just in that place. Having suffered heavy losses, the Gaiaregainers dismantled all biodroid centres and banned future research or production of them. That domechamber had been left as a reminder of just how technological innovations could go very wrong.

Rainbowisit spoke as she bobbed up and down, just a little, in mid air. "Shadowadis infiltrated into biodroid production, turning them truly malignant but now biodroids here are truly cleansed of such and are otherwise improved. Iself, and Rainbowisit, keep a careful observation of them anyway. As new biodroids are born, they will replace the older ones after a while for they only live to 20 years before semiretiring for five years, then retiring for another five, to die finally at the age of 30. Before being enhanced they lived even shorter lifespans than that. Semiretirement, and then retirement, are rewards for 20 years of hard work. You Gaiareseekers are to help find the missing CEEETs."

Rhully, the other RQuin there apart from Rharry, nodded. "That would be our privilege to assist in such an important quest. We could also help gain more information about the Shadowadis, that is also known as the Celestial Shadow, being here when it was and why it infiltrated into the biodroids. Is our GaiaArk got something to do with the missing CEEETs?"

A repeat 3Dscreenshow showed a raging battle as Gaiaguards, supported by robots, fought malignantly enraged biodroids attacking with adapted work armour and tools. Another scene showed portable reniteturrets, carefully deployed, blasting down waves of biodroids charging heedlessly into danger. Scattered, dead, Gaiaguards showed the results of an earlier biodroid attack but there were far more dead biodroids there than humans. Yet another scene showed heavy security remoterobots, remotedroids and remotedrones assisting Gaiaguards in one last ditch skirmish that ended with the final destruction of the rogue biodroids.

Rainbowisit responded. "Yes, around here is where one of the missing CEEETs was last reported being spotted at."

Display cases housed adapted biodroid gear, damaged Gaiaguard equipment, a 3Dmap, a half melted remoterobot and other solid artefacts from the conflict and from before then, when the biodroid research project was taking place.

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