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The most downplayed Daedric Artifact


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...is the Skeleton Key. It's meant as the ultimate unlock, the bypass, the means to disregard limitations (for Nocturnal's eventual fee) but in game... it's just a lockpick that won't break? That's a freaking PERK.

Spacebattles carries a nice little saga where Team RWBY ends up stuck in a far more sensible Skyrim and that Key is a helluva lot more than an Adamantium Lockpick. We now have Mephala's Curse to make the Ebony Blade more meaningful. Considering the cost incurred upon the Nightengales, that damn Key needs to impart some real benefits to Nocturnal's Chosen.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to see if Azura's Star is still #2 in the dumbest artifact contest (and suggest better to the author of the aforementioned saga)!

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