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Mod Idea for weapons,armor


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So I sat here for a bit thinking about weapons, armor in skyrim how the weapons look like paddles, armors...well the textures need "help"
Rational people would be like well just change XYZ..true you could...BUT what if a mod was made for crafting,  enhancing ie. You make lets say an iron sword well its Rough looks like a boat paddle.
Then you make it "Fine" it trims some of the weapon down, visibly makes it sharper 
Then when you make it legendary for example it becomes sleek, elegant polished, beautiful It would imo make the game FEEL immersive for that add the same kind of concept to armor but as you enhance the armor it Looks more armored, Taken care of, not worn, beat to shi*  this sounds out there yes but it might be really cool if this could be possible 

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