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I dumped all the item IDs of the game a while ago to configure mods that required them
Here you have it

CraftStation1: T2 Craft Station
OxygenCapsule1: Oxygen capsule
pod: Living compartment
door: Living compartment door
window: Living compartment window
FloorGlass: Living compartment glass
WaterBottle1: Water bottle
Vegetube1: T1 Vegetube
Vegetube2: T2 Vegetube
VegetubeOutside1: T3 Vegetube
biodome: Biodome
Drill0: T1 Drill
Drill1: T2 Drill
Drill2: T3 Drill
EnergyGenerator1: Wind turbine
EnergyGenerator2: T1 Solar Panel
EnergyGenerator3: T2 Solar Panel
ice: Ice
Cobalt: Cobalt
Stairs: Outdoor stairs
ScreenUnlockables: Screen - Blueprints
ScreenTerraformation: Screen - Terraformation
Container1: Storage crate
Desktop1: Desktop
Chair1: Chair
MultiDeconstruct: Microchip - Deconstruction
MultiToolLight: Microchip - Torch
Backpack1: T1 Backpack
Backpack2: T2 Backpack
Backpack3: T3 Backpack
EquipmentIncrease1: T1 Exoskeleton
OxygenTank1: T1 Oxygen Tank
OxygenTank2: T2 Oxygen Tank
OxygenTank3: T3 Oxygen Tank
ScreenEnergy: Screen - Energy levels
Iridium: Iridium
Iron: Iron
Magnesium: Magnesium
Silicon: Silicon
Titanium: Titanium
Seed0: Lirma Seed
Seed1: Shanga Seed
Seed2: Pestera Seed
OutsideGrid: External grid
OutsideLamp1: Outdoor lamp
Heater1: T1 Heater
Heater2: T2 Heater
BedSimple: Bed
FabricBlue: Fabric
Aluminium: Aluminum
Sofa: Sofa
SofaAngle: Corner sofa
BedDouble: Double Bed
TableSmall: Table
MultiBuild: Microchip - Construction
Beacon: Beacon
EquipmentIncrease2: T2 Exoskeleton
Foundation: Foundation grid
ComAntenna: Communication Antenna
ScreenMessage: Screen - Transmissions
Heater3: T3 Heater
wreckpilar: Debris
Rod-iridium: Iridium Rod
Uranim: Uranium
Rod-uranium: Uranium Rod
CraftStation2: Advanced Craft Station
Backpack4: T4 Backpack
OxygenTank4: T4 Oxygen Tank
Alloy: Super Alloy
Container2: Locker Storage
GoldenContainer: Golden Crate
Seed3: Nulna Seed
Seed4: Tuska Seed
SeedGold: Golden Seed
LaunchPlatform: Launch Platform
EscapePod: Escape pod
astrofood: Space Food
GoldenEffigie1: Golden effigy
EnergyGenerator4: T1 Nuclear Reactor
SpaceMultiplierHeat: Space heat multiplier
SpaceMultiplierOxygen: Space oxygen multiplier
SpaceMultiplierPressure: Space pressure multiplier
RocketOxygen1: Seed spreader rocket
RocketPressure1: Magnetic field protection rocket
RocketHeat1: Asteroid attraction rocket
RocketReactor: Rocket Engine
SeedSpreader1: Flower Spreader
Ladder: Indoor ladder
MultiToolMineSpeed1: Microchip - T1 Mining Speed
MultiToolMineSpeed2: Microchip - T2 Mining Speed
MultiToolMineSpeed3: Microchip - T3 Mining Speed
VegetableGrower1: Food Grower
BootsSpeed1: T1 Agility Boots
BootsSpeed2: T2 Agility Boots
BootsSpeed3: T3 Agility Boots
ScreenTerraStage: Screen - Progress
Seed0Growable: Lirma Plant
Seed1Growable: Shanga Plant
Seed2Growable: Pestera Plant
Seed3Growable: Nulna Plant
Seed4Growable: Tuska Plant
SeedGoldGrowable: Golden Plant
Vegetable0Seed: Eggplant seeds
Vegetable0Growable: Eggplant
Vegetable1Seed: Squash seeds
Vegetable1Growable: Squash
Vegetable2Seed: Bean seeds
Vegetable2Growable: Beans
Vegetable3Seed: Mushroom seeds
Vegetable3Growable: Mushroom
Bacteria1: Bacteria Sample
WaterCollector1: Atmospheric Water Collector
Fertilizer1: Fertilizer
Algae1Seed: Algae
WaterCollector2: Lake Water Collector
Bioplastic1: Bioplastic nugget
AlgaeGenerator1: T1 Algae Generator
Biolab: Biolab
AlgaeGenerator2: T2 Algae Generator
WaterFilter: Water Filter
Biodome2: T2 Biodome
OreExtractor1: Ore Extractor
Osmium: Osmium
GoldenEffigie2: Golden effigy
Sulfur: Sulfur
EnergyGenerator5: T2 Nuclear Reactor
HudCompass: Microchip - Compass
FusionEnergyCell: Fusion Energy Cell
FusionGenerator1: Fusion reactor
WreckFusionGenerator: Fusion reactor
wallplain: Plain wall
RecyclingMachine: Recycling machine
Destructor1: Shredder machine
Jetpack1: T1 Jetpack
Jetpack2: T2 Jetpack
Jetpack3: T3 Jetpack
RocketMap1: T1 GPS Satellite
RocketMap2: T2 GPS Satellite
RocketMap3: T3 GPS Satellite
ScreenMap1: Screen - Mapping
BlueprintT1: Blueprint microchip
RedPowder1: Explosive powder
GeneticManipulator1: DNA Manipulator
Zeolite: Zeolite
Drill3: T4 Drill
Heater4: t4 Heater
GrassSpreader1: Grass Spreader
SeedSpreader2: T2 Flower Spreader
TreeSpreader0: Tree Spreader
TreeSpreader1: T2 Tree Spreader
TreeSpreader2: T3 Tree Spreader
GasExtractor1: Gas Extractor
RocketBiomass1: Plant Rocket
TreeRoot: Tree bark
Fertilizer2: T2 Fertilizer
podAngle: Living compartment corner
Sign: Sign
FlowerPot1: Flower Pot
MethanCapsule1: Methane cartridge
PulsarQuartz: Pulsar Quartz
Mutagen1: Mutagen
Tree0Seed: Iterra tree seed
Tree1Seed: Linifolia tree seed
Tree2Seed: Aleatus tree seed
Tree3Seed: Cernea tree seed
Tree4Seed: Elegea tree seed
Tree5Seed: Humelora tree seed
Tree6Seed: Aemora tree seed
Tree7Seed: Pleom tree seed
Tree8Seed: Soleus tree seed
MultiToolMineSpeed4: Microchip - T4 Mining Speed
Backpack5: T5 Backpack
EnergyGenerator6: Nuclear Fusion generator
InsideLamp1: Area Lamp
Pod4x: Big living compartment
Seed5: Orema plant
Seed6: Volnus plant
VegetableGrower2: T2 Food Grower
DisplayCase: Display case
OreExtractor2: T2 Ore Extractor
GoldenEffigie3: Golden effigy
Rod-alloy: Super Alloy Rod
MultiToolLight2: Microchip – T2 Torch
RocketInformations1: Map information rocket
PulsarShard: Pulsar Quartz Shard
Teleporter1: Teleporter
ScreenRockets: Screen – Orbital information
Incubator1: Incubator
LarvaeBase1: Common larva
ScreenBiomass: Biomass screen
Butterfly1Larvae: Azurae butterfly larva
Bee1Larvae: Bee larva
Butterfly2Larvae: Leani butterfly larva
Firefly1Hatched: Firefly larva
Beehive1: Beehive
Butterfly3Larvae: Fensea butterfly larva
Butterfly4Larvae: Galaxe butterfly larva
Butterfly9Larvae: Aemel butterfly larva
Butterfly7Larvae: Penga butterfly larva
Butterfly8Larvae: Chevrone butterfly larva
Butterfly6Larvae: Empalio butterfly larva
Butterfly5Larvae: Abstreus butterfly larva
Butterfly10Larvae: Liux butterfly larva
LarvaeBase2: Uncommon larva
GoldenEffigie4: Golden effigy
Farm1: Outdoor farm
honey: Honey
astrofood2: High quality food
SilkGenerator: Silk generator
Silk: Silk
Fence: Fence
ButterflyFarm1: Butterfly farm
SilkWorm: Silkworm
ButterflyDome1: Butterfly dome
LarvaeBase3: Rare larva
Butterfly13Hatched: Constela butterfly larva
Butterfly11Larvae: Nere butterfly larva
Butterfly12Larvae: Lorpen butterfly larva
Butterfly13Larvae: Fiorente butterfly larva
Butterfly14Larvae: Alben butterfly larva
Butterfly15Larvae: Futura butterfly larva
ButterflyDisplayer1: Butterfly display box
Butterfly16Larvae: Imeo butterfly larva
Butterfly17Larvae: Serena butterfly larva
Butterfly18Larvae: Golden butterfly larva
AirFilter1: Air filter
OreExtractor3: T3 Ore Extractor
Mutagen2: T2 Mutagen
Rod-osmium: Osmium Rod
EquipmentIncrease3: T3 Exoskeleton
WardenKey: Warden's key
WardenAustel: Warden's altar
AutoCrafter1: Auto-Crafter
Tree9Seed: Shreox tree seed
Drill4: T5 Drill
Heater5: T5 Heater
GoldenEffigie5: Golden effigy
RocketInsects1: Insect spreader rocket
ButterflyFarm2: T2 Butterfly Farm
Beehive2: T2 Beehive
HudChipCleanConstruction: Microchip – Construction menu filter
MultiToolDeconstruct2: Microchip – T2 Deconstruction
NitrogenCapsule1: Nitrogen cartridge
Mutagen3: T3 Mutagen
DroneStation1: Drone station
WaterLifeCollector1: Water life collector
Phytoplankton1: Phytoplankton A
Phytoplankton2: Phytoplankton B
Phytoplankton3: Phytoplankton C
Phytoplankton4: Phytoplankton D
FishDisplayer1: Fish display
FishFarm1: Fish farm
CircuitBoard1: Circuit board
WreckServer: Technical debris
Drone1: T1 Drone
RocketDrones1: Drone visualization rocket
Aquarium1: T1 Aquarium
Aquarium2: T2 Aquarium
GoldenEffigie6: Golden effigy
GasExtractor2: T2 Gas Extractor
RocketMap4: T4 GPS Satellite
Fish1Eggs: Provios fish eggs
Fish2Eggs: Vilnus fish eggs
Fish3Eggs: Gerrero fish eggs
Fish4Eggs: Khrom fish eggs
Fish5Eggs: Ulani fish eggs
Fish6Eggs: Aelera fish eggs
Fish7Eggs: Tegede fish eggs
Fish8Eggs: Ecaru fish eggs
Fish9Eggs: Buyu fish eggs
Fish10Eggs: Tiloo fish eggs
Fish11Eggs: Golden fish eggs
CookCocoaSeed: Cocoa seed
CookCocoaGrowable: Cocoa
CookWheatGrowable: Wheat
CookWheatSeed: Wheat seeds
CookChocolate: Chocolate
CookFlour: Flour
CookCroissant: Croissant
CookCookie1: Cookie
CookCake1: Birthday cake
AmphibiansFarm1: Amphibian farm
Frog1Eggs: Generic frog eggs
FrogGoldEggs: Golden frog eggs
Frog2Eggs: Huli frog eggs
Frog10Eggs: Kenjoss frog eggs
Frog9Eggs: Amedo frog eggs
Frog8Eggs: Cillus frog eggs
Frog7Eggs: Afae frog eggs
Frog6Eggs: Aiolus frog eggs
Frog5Eggs: Trajuu frog eggs
Frog4Eggs: Strabo frog eggs
Frog3Eggs: Felicianna frog eggs
TradePlatform1: Trade space rocket
SofaColored: Customizable sofa
CookingStation1: Cooking station
SmartFabric: Smart fabric
BedDoubleColored: Customizable bed
Fish12Eggs: Velkia fish eggs
Butterfly19Larvae: Faleria butterfly larva
FrogDisplayer1: Frog displayer
Container3: T2 Locker Storage
Pod9xA: Rounded living compartment
Pod9xB: Living compartment with dome
Mutagen4: T4 Mutagen
DebrisContainer1: Container from space
TerraTokens100: Terra Tokens: 100
TerraTokens500: Terra Tokens: 500
TerraTokens1000: Terra Tokens: 1000
TerraTokens5000: Terra Tokens: 5000
CookStew1: Honey cooked beans
CookStewFish1: Fish soup
Drone2: T2 Drone
Pod9xC: 3x3 Living compartment
Tree10Seed: Rosea tree seed
FusePlants1: Plant multiplier fuse
FuseOxygen1: Oxygen multiplier fuse
FuseHeat1: Heat multiplier fuse
FusePressure1: Pressure multiplier fuse
FuseEnergy1: Energy multiplier fuse
FuseProduction1: Production multiplier fuse
Optimizer1: Machine optimizer
WreckSafe: Big safe
ProceduralWreckSafe: Big safe
WallInside: Interior wall
MapChip: Microchip – Map
Optimizer2: T2 Machine Optimizer
Obsidian: Obsidian
Fish13Eggs: Galbea fish eggs
Frog11Eggs: Lavaum frog eggs
GoldenEffigie7: Golden effigy
PinChip1: Microchip – T1 Blueprint Pinning
PinChip2: Microchip – T2 Blueprint pinning
KeyCard1: Access card
SolarQuartz: Solar Quartz
MagnetarQuartz: Magnetar Quartz
BalzarQuartz: Blazar Quartz
QuasarQuartz: Quasar Quartz
LightBoxMedium: Light Box
FountainBig: Fountain
TreePlanter: Tree pot
Tree11Seed: Lillia tree seed
Tree12Seed: Prunea tree seed
Frog13Eggs: Jumi frog eggs
Frog12Eggs: Leglus frog eggs
GoldenEffigie8: Golden effigy
HologramGenerator: Hologram projector
ProceduralWreckContainer1: Storage crate
ProceduralWreckContainer2: Storage crate
WreckEntryLocked1: Access Console
WreckEntryLocked2: Access Console
WreckEntryLocked3: Access Console
WreckEntryLocked4: Access Console
WreckEntryLocked5: Access Console
Keycard1: Access card
Fireplace: Fireplace
Flare: Flare
PortalGenerator1: Portal generator
FuseTradeRocketsSpeed1: Trade rocket multiplier fuse
GeneticTrait: Genetic trait
canister: Canister
AnimalShelter1: Animal shelter
GeneticExtractor1: Genetic extractor
GeneticSynthetizer1: Genetic synthesizer
DNASequence: Creature DNA
AnimalFeeder1: Animal feeder
DeparturePlatform: Extraction platform
WardensChip: Warden key detector
EndingExplosives: Large explosive device
PinChip3: Microchip – T3 Blueprint pinning
Backpack6: T6 Backpack
Jetpack4: T4 Jetpack
MultiToolDeconstruct3: Microchip – T3 Deconstruction
MultiToolLight3: Microchip – T3 Torch
RocketAnimals1: Animals spreader rocket
Explosive: Explosive
Ecosystem1: Ecosystem
Skin-01: Spacesuit Comto
Skin-02: Spacesuit Blasto
Skin-03: Spacesuit Primo
Skin-04: Spacesuit Goldeo
Skin-05: Spacesuit Scifo
Skin-06: Spacesuit Cipto
Skin-07: Spacesuit Beteo
Skin-08: Spacesuit Tureo
Skin-09: Spacesuit Fablo
Skin-10: Spacesuit Tubio
Skin-11: Spacesuit Vateo
Skin-12: Spacesuit Widio
WreckWardrobe: Spacesuits locker
Skin-13: Spacesuit Mekio
Skin-14: Spacesuit Abyso
Skin-15: Spacesuit Ettio
Skin-16: Spacesuit Plesao
Skin-17: Spacesuit Rorao
SkinDisplayer: Spacesuit Displayer
EquipmentIncrease4: T4 Exoskeleton
Tree13Seed: Ruberu tree seed
AnimalFood1: T1 Animal food
AnimalFood2: T2 Animal food


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@iTzVirtual00 What game is this for?  You posted in a general forum and didn't say.

(Not all games have their own forums here.  But those that do are in Game Communities at the top of every forum page (or in the menu on mobile).  Click Join Community on those you want to post in.)

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