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Favorite classes in Baldur’s Gate I & II


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  1. BG1 & BG2: Fighter / Mage / Thief elf
  2. BG1: Fighter human > BG2: Kensai 13 > Mage
    alternative: BG1 & BG2: Fighter / Mage elf
  3. BG1 & BG2: Fighter / Illusionist
    alternative: BG1 & BG2: Fighter / Mage elf
  4. BG2: Sorcerer elf
  5. BG1 & BG2: Cleric / Mage
  6. BG1 & BG2: Cleric / Ranger
    alternative: BG1: Ranger human > BG2: Ranger 8 > Cleric
    In classic BG2 this combination allows the use of all priest spells.
  7. BG1: Paladin > BG2: Inquisitor
  8. BG1: Fighter dwarf > BG2: Berserker
    alternative: BG2: Barbarian dwarf
  9. BG1: Ranger elf > BG2: Archer
  10. BG1 & BG2: Bard half-elf
    alternative: BG1: Bard half-elf > BG2: Skald
    In classic BG2 the Enhanced Bard Song and the regular bard song (fixed with an optional component in BG2 Fixpack) have unlimited range.
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Just spotted this. I'm glad that someone else still plays what for me is The Game! I like to play Bard, half-elf. It's a bit of a challenge until I get the elven armour which doesn't disable spells but thereafter it's so much fun because I have a choice at how I respond to attacks. I also enjoy the stronghold quest for the bard! Very amusing. 

I really like the Infinity Engine... 

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