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FO4 Change a global variable without console commands.

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Hello, I'm currently playing the game on Playstation and I encountered a bug related to the Wasteland Survival Guide #9, animas stopped droping extra meat. From what I investigated it is related to the Global variable "ExtraMeatChance", that starts at 100 on a new game and is substracted by 100 when you pick the magazine, so it needs to be equal to 0 for the perk to work properly. Somehow this value might have changed, probably when I placed my magazine in a rack.


Anyway to change it mid-game, maybe with a holotape?. I know this is probably a 1 minute fix for experienced modders but I checked FO4Edit and I'm kinda lost.


Edit: I enden up flaging the variable as Constant and changing the value to 0.0, seems to work fine but I don't know if reflaging variables is something safe to do.

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