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Cannot mod this game at all.

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I have the latest GOG release.


No matter what I do, it never f*#@ing works.


I downloaded OBSE and extracted it to the directory of the game which is the required version for GOG not steam or retail.


I tried a collection of mods form the collectiosn, I always get missing dependencies for no reason about OBSE WHEN THE f*#@ING RIGHT ONE IS THERE, some bullshit about rules or some s#*!, when I go to let Nexus MM auto apply a fix, it does f*#@ all.


So I decieded to wipe it all clean, removed all trace of the game and NMM and any mods, started from fresh.


Placed OBSE and the corresponding OBSE_Launcher in the main directory.


I then added 1 mod which is a ui mod that has no other dependencies.


Game loads and instantly closes, no errors.


Done with it all, f*#@ it.

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You need to remain calm.

Firstly. Clean start. Backup. Start again which a fresh clean install of Oblivion. Copy your game's directory, paste it somewhere. Rename as backup.

Secondarily. Use Wyre Bash or Mod Organizer 2. I wouldn't recommend OMM (Oblivion Mod Manager) anymore.

Thirdly. Understand there are ESSENTIAL MODS and ADDITIONAL MODS. Your ESSENTIAL MODs - make the game stable and playable, fundamentally required. The Unofficial Patches are requirements.

Fourthly. On Nexus MODs pages for MODs, the MOD page should tell you about required MODs for the MOD to work.

Fifthly. [MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD] can sometimes be used to download MODs with your mod manager utility. Sometimes clicking this button will tell you or additional REQUIRED MODS for this MOD.

Sixthly. Manual work. Understand MODs. xOBSE (also known as OBSE) is a requirement. This is installed manually. Without any mod manager utility. Any OBSE plugins you download, are manual too. (Folder: Oblivion/Data/OBSE/Plugins/)

Essential OBSE plugins:
- Manually place OBSE files in game's directory
- Manually place OBSE plugins (Folder: Oblivion/Data/OBSE/Plugins/)

  • Blockhead
  • Blue's Engine Fixes
  • Elys Universal Silent Voice (USV)
  • EngineBugFixes
  • FastExit
  • OBL Mod Limit Fix
  • Map Menu Doesn't Click While Dragging
  • SkyBSA
  • OSR (Oblivion Stutter Removal)
  • Console Ignores Player

Seventhly. Sometimes MODs don't work correctly because of - Archive Invalidation. Sometimes Mod Manager utilities have features to fix this issue. There's a MOD which may fix for you - ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated.

Eighthly. Early modding, have small list. As your modding knowledge expands, you'll be better at fixes any issues you may run into. Have the ESSENTIALS and bare minimum. Don't go crazy with random MODs.

Ninthly. Use LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool) or BOSS. This will fix the load order of all your MODs so that they work in game correctly. Certain MODs must be loaded in a certain order. LOOT will tell you of any MODs which need manually 'mod cleaning' (next section).

Tenthly. It takes bloody time. Highly recommend manually 'mod cleaning' utilities. Sometimes built in Mod Manager utilities (Mod Organizer 2). Really does improve performance and prevent crashes. Program utility - TES4Edit - has TES4EditQuickAutoClean. LOOT will tell you what MODs may need manually cleaning.

If you follow these steps correctly, all should work fine. If you mess up, revert back to a backup. If you're still stuck or confused, watch YouTube tutorials on Oblivion modding. It's not easy, but I promise you results pay off and make the  game even more enjoyable.

I'm not saying follow my MOD guide as it could be too advanced. But take a look to get an idea what is ESSENTIAL and OPTIONALList of MODs for 2023

If you need any one-on-one help, private message me. We'll get MODs working for you buddy.

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