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Starfield. No mods are working.

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Hello and sorry for the trouble.

I love modding my Bethesda games, having heavily modified Skyrim and Fallout 4 to turn them into my views of an cold-iced fantasy and a nuclear-hot postapocalypse.

I waited until the Creation Kit release to turn Starfield into the loved nasa-punk SF I was waiting for but... It doesn't work.

For now I use only some mods having  effects like changing the weight of the items or the looks of the book, to see immediatly if they are active. But they don't work. Not a single one.

I have SFSE, he launch the game just fine. The  mods are on Vortex. I have modified the starfieldcustom.ini. But I see no changes.

Does this game have more steps to let mods works?

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Not sure offhand, since I don't play Starfield.

Though if you're looking for the Starfield forums, go to Game Communities at the top of any forum page on desktop, or in the menu > Browse > Game Communities on mobile.  Click on Join Community next to Starfield (and any other games you want to post in).

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