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(WIP)Farmers T.A.N. + Shameless Begging for Charitable Script Donations

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Farmer's Top Agriculture Necessities Farmers T.A.N. is a complete overhaul of the settlement crop farming system that increases visual realism and adds leveled progression with multi-tiered produce yield. FTAN also adds new objects and production pieces related to farming.

Ok, first a little background on why I started this project. A while back I filled a request for Crops Decreased Food Rating and in the comments someone said they liked the idea of lowering the food rating but not the idea of having even more objects to place and requested I make a single object that drops 20 produce. I refused to do it half assed with an object that drops so many more produce than it visually displays.

So I set to making garden patches, a single flora object that visually displays at least 20 produce.

After completing them to fit perfectly on the garden plot i found that the mounded collision on the object ruined the placement of my patches. I then set about making new plots that were flat and (what the hell) could double as warehouse/greenhouse floor.

After that i thought, man I wish I could move the large terrain plots at Abernathy farm so I made all 6 of those as well. Single, double, triple row both short and long

Then I thought, while I am at it I might as well go all the way and just overhaul the entire system to be visually accurate and give some level progression.

  • 1 produce plant(food rating .3) at level 1
  • 3 produce plant(food rating 1) at lvl 10
  • 6 produce planter(food rating 2) at lvl 20
  • 10 produce Flower Bed(food rating 3) at lvl 25
  • 20 Produce patch(food rating 6) at lvl 30

There will be two additional planters added for razorgrain and siltbeans and flower boxes for the flowers. All crops will have improved furniture placement and smaller hit boxes.

Preview: Lots left to do. Just started resizing the collision(see razorgrain and comparison to vanilla behind it) and only have 50% of the singles and triples completed so far and NONE of the planters as of yet, but the planters will go together quickly because they will use the pieces prepped for the singles and triples.



Now, i like balance and as you can imagine this is going to get out of hand rather quickly so as a limitation on how much one can build I will include a 5 fertilizer per produce requirement on all crops 3 and up. Rationalizing that the 1 produce plant is limited to 1 because it has no fertilizer. To facilitate this requirement i also rationalize that each plant generates fertilizer from weeding and vegetative waste at harvest. I recon this should be a daily amount of 1-3 fertilizer per total settlement food rating.

The Big Ask

I'm going to make a settlement object that looks like a compost heap and i would like for that object to produce 1-3 fertilizer per total settlement food rating and place it in the workbench every 24 hrs. it would be ideal if a lvl could be specified for each multiplier.

I would really love something to add more based on a brahmin's presence but that also needs to be able to add milk so I'm likely not going there until a later version wraps this mod, appletree bakery and expanded resources into a compendium for farming. later for that i think.

I will not describe any further on what it should be and from here i would hear what you suggest to accomplish my stated goal or to improve the execution of this mod in general. I am not entirely illiterate when it comes to papyrus so if you can offer nothing more than snippets then i will say thank you and take what i can get.

Thanks for reading and any input or consideration anyone may have.

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Updated completion percentage 25>>50%
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make a settlement object that looks like a compost heap and i would like for that object to produce 1-3 fertilizer per total settlement food rating and place it in the workbench every 24 hrs.

F4MS' Chronos Scheduler was built for this very scenario of using scripts to add things to workshop on a schedule.
Unlike workshop script production, it'll keep to the given schedule, even if player stays at a settlement for a prolonged period of time.
Unlike workshop script production, it'll keep to the given schedule, even if player is sleeping/waiting/fast travelling >24h.
And very much unlike workshop script production, scheduled scripts can add whatever items you want, without hacking said workshop scripts.

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Unfortunately i have no idea how to modify your scripts to deliver product based on Total settlement food rating let alone the presence of the brahmin NPC. In the absence of such a script i plan to to add the fertilizer to the produce yield and call it a day.

Thanks anyway, I appreciate you.

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