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Mods not working anymore.

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Since the update in March or April, I have been unable to play this game. Most of my installed mods refuse to load into the game. I use vortex to install most of them, other than maybe 1 or 2 mods that were manual install only. I've never had any problems before, everything used to work fine. Everything is up to date, the mods elevate and deploy, but refuse to show up in game. I can't load my saves, cause it says mods are missing and sends me back to the menu, or crashes the game. I did install the net 8 for windows, that was required for the latest version of lslib, but still nothing seems to work. I asked on the steam discussions page, but nobody seemed to be able to help, so I came here. If anyone can help me get my mods working again, I would be eternally grateful. 

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Also, if your game has its own forum(s) here (not all do), they'll be in Game Communities at the top of any forum page on desktop, or in the menu > Browse > Game Communities on mobile.  Click Join Community next to those you want to post in.

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