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milkjugkrug - Banned

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Account Banned - milkjugkrug

milkjugkrug has been banned from Nexus Mods for violating our community rules.


Troll on a throwaway account (join date 24 June 2024)
Attempt to attack and belittle another member via the forums (thread not yet approved)

Thead title:
* username * mod f*#@ing sucks
dude i cant play the game pls ban * username * for this he needs to be punished immediately

Forum and Commenting Guidelines 8excerpt)
We do not tolerate 'trolling' or harassment of any kind. Do not belittle, discredit, or aggressively criticise another member or their content. If you do not like something or have nothing constructive to add, it's best to simply move along.

Within this community, you are not inherently entitled to another's time, work, or creations. Comments or posts that imply otherwise may be subject to moderation.


Below are links to where the infractions took place (where relevant). Some links may point to hidden, deleted or restricted content that can only be accessed by moderators.

Moderation History

Banned by zcul. This member received 0 formal warnings before they were banned.

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