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Best Mod Load Order of Full/Med/Small esm's


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Hey all,

Was playing around with my load order to get some mods functioning properly, wanted to know if the order should be full,small,medium?  As per 'Report Load Order Info'  mod. Should  mods with starfield.esm & blueprints-starfield.esm req's be loaded before or after just the starfield.esm req's? Or does it matter?  Also should the SFBGS003, 006, etc esm load after all others in there catagory or does it matter? Cause depending on where the mod is in the load order it can be before or after (this happen with med mods). The small SFBGS007/008 are in the middle of small part of order. And depending on where I place my med mods they either before , between, or after.  Any info is helpful.




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After installing the mods, the following initial load order needs to be followed:

Constellation.esm [If you have this DLC]
OldMars.esm [If you have this DLC]
[Other Official Files TBD]
Unofficial Starfield Patch.esm OR StarfieldCommunityPatch.esm
[Everything else you have installed]

As for other mods, until LOOT or the available mod managers are updated to be fully compatible with the game, it is pretty much an educated guessing game based upon experience as to what order other specific mods should be in.

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Thanks for thw reply. Pretty much the same load order except. After blueprintships-starfield I have:





Starfield Community Patch

Then my other mods.

I guess the part I'm looking at is the second part of your response.  Seeing as to which mods should be loaded when and if positioning them in load order before or after the SFBGS files makes any difference.  I know that mods will overwrite others which is not the issue, my issue is I have found that if I boot up the game and the game options do not show up properly then I seem to have gameplay issues (quests dont start,unable to talk to npcs, etc) just many bugs it seems. More than when the options show up. When I remove some by unchecking rhe box in Vortex load order, they come back, then I add a couple at a time and check. If options show, I continue, if not uncheck, try others and so on.  I have managed to have all them working before, but adding and removing some mods has this happening again.  I have 115 plugins. Something like 76 masters, 3 medium, and 30 small.  As per Larimkars " Report Load Order Info" mod. (Forgive me if I spelled his handle wrong).

Is that too many plugins? In total I have about 200 mods install.

So in the end its a guessing game for the plugin mods then? Until, as you say, theres a LOOT or mod managers are updated.  

Does the order of mods matter if they are loaded before or after the BGS files?

Cause moving the small and medium mods in my load order place them before or after the BGS esms depending on where they are in the load order. So was wondering if that affected anything.

One other weird thing is, 2 mods I had 'Useful Brigs' and 'TIG Shipyards' say it uses SFBGS003, the part is when I first took printout of my load order it showed SFBGS003 in the 2 mod listings, now it shows sfbgs003 as required.  Not thinking the change from caps to lower case is an issue anyway. Or is it?.


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That's not too many plugins - the game can handle many, many more, as shown below:

Full masters - 253
Medium masters - 256
Small masters - 4,096

For a total of 4,605 plugins (the game's main master plugins are counted towards that total).

Regarding the order of those plugins, other than what is listed above regarding the initial load order, for now it is somewhat of a guessing game - without LOOT, without Vortex or MO2 being able to dependably sort them, and without a working version of xEdit for Starfield so you could actually see conflicts, it's sort of a fly by the seat of your pants situation.

As regards the file names and how they appear, file names are not case specific, so the change does not matter.

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Yeah, figured I was still below the limit.  Guessing I'm gonna be like Starfield and as you say "fly by the seat of my pants".  LOL.  Attaching my load order, was wondering if you see anything that might conflict.  I know some mods are inactive but what is active so far on the list the gameplay options show up, when all enabled, nope.  Since I started my last new playthrough, I can load the game even when the  options dont show and the fed and hydrated functions still work.  The problem is if I want to start a new game and have all mods loaded before I begin, I cannot change any game options.  So have to start with as many as I can and still get the options. Then start a new game, make sure to set the options, then load the rest of the mods that I think might interfering..REAL PAIN!!..:). Just not sure whether some mods will work installed mid -game. Any mods that should be load before new game that you see?


Thanks for everything




# This file is used by Starfield to keep track of your downloaded content.

# Please do not modify this file.
*Item Sorter.esm
*Sit To Add Ship.esm
*Starvegas - CinematicKillcam.esm
*dizazters ultimate space compendium.esm
*diaz dizazters ultra armaments collection.esm
*dD - Enhanced Blood Textures - Medium.esm
*Better Explosives.esm
*Weapons of Fate.esm
*Immersive Digipick.esm
*Starfield Extended - Armor Naming.esm
*Starfield Extended - Weapon Naming.esm
*Helpful Activity Objectives.esm
*Ship Parts Rebalanced.esm
Darker Nights.esm



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Unless a mod author specifically states otherwise, any mod can be installed mid-playthrough - though, adjusting the load order with the present system is indeed a major pain in the butt!  Though, ideally, if a person is familiar with all the mods they are using, then the game should be started with everything installed (with the exception noted above, of the mod author specifically stating when a mod should or should not be added).

At this point in time, the most important thing you can do is comb through your mod list and get rid of any plugin mods that were created prior to the release of the Creation Kit on June 9th, as they are inherently broken due to not having been properly made with the CK (even if they do seem to work, why chance it?).  Just from checking some random plugins, I found several that were made prior to the CK's release; also, should any mod utilize an .esp file DO NOT use it - .esp plugins are only for development work in the CK, NOT for actual gameplay.

Yeah, it's a pain in the you know what, but it's better than suffering issues once you start a new playthrough and have gotten fairly well in, and then discover that you need to scrap things and start a new game.

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