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Two sheriffs custom Primm ending mod idea

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If you go to the prison to talk with Meyers and ask him to be sheriff of Primm and that you'll get him a NCR pardon he'll leave the prison and spawn over at Primm.

Then if you go to the Mojave Outpost and get Meyers his pardon and head back to Primm you can go speak with Primm Slim and make Slim the Sheriff.

Despite Primm Slim being made sheriff Meyer's WILL NOT despawn and will permanently stay at Primm walking around and hanging out near Beagle.

He has already been pardoned by the NCR at that point and so Primm technically now has 2 sheriffs protecting it with 2 different ways of doing things.


So my idea was giving Primm a custom ending if you do this and basically give the people of Primm 2 sheriffs, 1 outside and 1 inside watching the Vicky and Vance casino

(video for example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxAUrv0b120

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