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Question to the Gurus for the GOG version

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1 hour ago, fraquar said:

I can't speak to your setup.    Maybe someone versed in Vortex can help.

Personally, I never saw a need to switch to the "latest and greatest"  (i.e. Vortex) when what I was using (MO) was working spot on.

I'm an old fart, getting resistant to change - just for change sake.    To me that was the vibe I got from Vortex.

Ive never used NMM or other applications like thta.

I am pretty new ot all this approx 2 year mark now.

But its still good ot hear form you that GOG potentially can work well.

So it appears If my Steam ever get wrecked by an update, I can purge it off one of my machines and then run GOG

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