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Deployment makes game crash 10 sec into start up

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Nexus deployment corrupt my game

I’m trying my luck here.

I have a lot of hours in Fallout, and did recently a clean install of my computer. As usual, i have a collection of my s-m size of mods that doesnt change on nexus mod. 

Problem is ; 

1- at first the game crashed on startup. Found out it was related to files in fallout 4 documents ( fallout.ini,falloutprefs.ini etc ) that get created when i deploy my mods

2- after deleting them, sandbags.esp was invisible, and found out it was related to lines of codes in those ini files related to the activation of mods for the game. ( not because pf sandbags, the deployment look to include a line of code that broke the game into startup ) 

3- i still since then cant find a way to have nexus deploy mods without me having to delete the ini in docs, going into the fo4 launcher to have them back, then start on fo4SE launcher, but sandbags still cant work ( and cant deploy without doing all this ) 

Any idea what this is related too ? 

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Posted (edited)

You say you're having to get the game to recreate the ini files - are you then editing the ini files to enable mods?  I assume you are but worth the question.

Also, you say you did a clean install -- are you trying to run the "next-gen" version with old mods? If so that will likely be the problem.

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