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Why does it look so empty?


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(UPDATE) While the setfog entry was not located in my ini files, applying it in-game does improve things. So thanks a bunch for that! I think I'd be alright with just using the fog in place of a DoF, however I'm still running into the issue of low quality objects rendering closely. You should be able to tell this by the image below. My game still stutters as I enter new areas in the open world. I'm wondering if these two issues are connected, something wrong with my LOD maybe?


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Stuttering (with this "gem" of a game engine) can be caused by a plethora of issues.

If you want to go down the rabbithole, start monitoring  VRAM (the use of GPU-memory), and the utlitization of your GPU.

Nothing wrong with your hardware, a 4070 is powerfull stuff, but on my 4090 I can easily saturate the VRAM, (4k++ texutures everywhere I can find them, and running 4k resolution) and get  small stutters.
If you get a spike when the stutter happens, then its probably a "hardware" issue, on this engine, NOT a hardware issue as such, just not enough to bruteforce it through the engine.
If everything seems smooth, you probably/maybe have a mod (or several) messing up the flow, f.ex. script heavy mods combined with texures.

Sorry, not a clear answer here, but the FO4-engine is just trial and error (most of the time).

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