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What happened to my map??

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Not new to Fallout but new to using FO4 mods so I'm not entirely sure what is happening here but I suspect is has something to do with HUD but I can't figure it out and loading a past save doesn't help.

New game - I spend at least 15 hours building Sanctuary and everything has been fine... started the Sim Settment 2 build quest and the Minutemen quest, map looked and worked fine. Fast traveled back to Sanctuary from Concord (I know, I'm lazy but I have over 1500 hours in vanilla FO and I'm also impatient)

Got to Sanctuary and suddenly my map looks like this and all I can see is a tiny square of the map. When I pause, a zoomed in local map pops up. WTF.

How do I fix this? Is it fixable?

I'm going to cry if I have to scrap this character / game.

Screenshot 2024-07-05 021322.jpg

Screenshot 2024-07-05 021355.jpg

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Hi welcome to the forums.

I have no experience with SIm Settlements so may not be able to give any good input if it is the cause. In 4500 hrs  in game have not encountered such a bug yet.

So the map shows up unbidden on your screen?

And/or when it has weird artifacts or excessive zoom?

Are you on the .163 game version or did u do the new update?

In the past ( no promise if this will work for you) I have been able to get rid of persistent bugs not fixable by restarts, by cloning the vortex profile I use , then move my latest savegames and start form that new profile.

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