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Need a SKin mod


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I cannot make any nude skin mod work, NBIS, Starqueen, CRT or whatever.... none work. I use NMM, and they are all mod manager packaged, Starqueen even has a FOMOD for if you are using Vortex or MO2/NMM.... but thy just will not work. 


I need a nude skin mod, not just because I am depraved perv, which I am, but more because I have a ton of clothing which is made for if you do not have that sickening grey underwear, and I have to avoid using half of them, like some of the more risque KZ ensembles... because they get ruined by the worst clothing textures ever created for a game. Now I am looking at some sweet Tat overlays, but they work best with NUDE skin.. and I am effed because I cannot find one which works. 


Anyone know of any, no matter how bland and low def, that WORKS? 

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