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I want to stay in contact with an Author that seems to have left Nexus Mods for a second time just recently. :')

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How can I find him when his mods got deleted the there are no traces to him on NM?

I have four of his mods installed but the links are dead, I know his Username, we wrote a little bit on one of his mod sites..   and that's all I've got.

I would tike to work with him on a mod idea I had.

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Well I guess I can say his Username:    SKM  or  SkeletonKeyMods

He uses the prefix  "SKM -" for all his mods

Some of the mods he created:
SKM - Companion Affinity Edits
SKM - Loading Screen Edits
SKM - No Intro Videos
SKM - Main Menu Replacer

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Do some searches on there, for his username. Looks in Fallout 4 discords.

Then there is also Moddingham (another mod oriented site as the name suggests)  and loverslab  (focuses on erotic mods, but many folks who left Nexus went there and show their general mods in a subsection there as well.)

Unless he doesnt want to be found, you I'd wager you'd be able to find him using the same username on one of those.

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