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Need some help figuring out a bug


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Hey, I'm relatively new to modding FO4 and mostly followed The Midnight Ride for my modlist, went and added a few weapon mods and seem to be getting a weird bug with weapon names aftwerwards. Saw in some forums that this issue could be caused by either item sorting mods or mods like fall ui, although I don't think that I'm using any mods that should be messing with that. Only first started noticing this bug after adding West-tek optics, service rifle.

Here is a screenshot of the bug I am referring to. Anyone who might have some idea as to what might be causing this and can give me some insight I would greatly appreciate, at first I thought this was pretty funny but its starting to get annoying 




Here is a copy of my modlist, although it seems like it is inversed. 

# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.

-Service Rifle - Unofficial Update

+Service Rifle West-Tek Optics Patch

+No More Green Dot for Deadpool2099's Service Rifle

+More Legendary Effects

+Power Armor to the People


+Cut Weapon Mods Restored

+Dak's Assault Rifle Replacer Patch

+Dak's Assault Rifle Replacer REDUX (remesh)

+Service Rifle+Assault Rifle Reanimated

- (Fixed)+Assault Rifle Reanimated

+The Humble Hunting Rifle+Makeshift Textures

- Far Harbor Patch+Makeshift Textures

- 2K+Right-Handed Hunting Rifle

+VWR - Minigun

+VWR - 44 Magnum

+VWR - Deliverer

+Laser Reanimation Update 1.2

+Laser Rifle Reanimation

+10mm HD retexture

+10mm Anims

+ScratchMade - New Combat Shotgun and Rifle textures

+Reanimation Pack for Combat Shotgun and Rifle

+Better Locational Damage - Robot Edition

+Armor-Upgrade Overhaul

+Capital Wasteland Robot Pack

+Better Aim Models

+BLD - AI Tweaks


+Better Locational Damage

+Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul)

+Better Casing Ejection

+Bullet Casing Redone

+Munitions - An Ammo Expansion

+West-Tek Optics Pack

+Tactical Reload DLC Weapons

+Tactical Reload Vanilla Weapons

+Tactical Reload Framework-Weapons & Armor_separator

+Terrain Undersides - 2 Million Sunblock

+Remove Ironsight Blur

+Goodneighbor View

+Diamond City Billboards

+Sniper Scope Overlay And Reticles Replacement

+First-Person Running with Hands Animations

+First-Person Swimming Animations Tweak

+Hair Specular Map Removal Thingy

+Enhanced Vanilla Armor and Clothing - EVAC

+WAVE - Wave Animation Vanilla Enhanced


+Fallout 4 Particle Patch - No More Glowing Object

s+Targeted Textures - Vanilla textures upscaled fixed and sized

+Gloomy Glass - All transparent materials revised

+Lightweight Lighting - A weather and interior lighting overhaul


+You And What Army 2

+Legendary Mutation Messages Fix - Cut Content Restored

+Attachment Pack - Description Tweaks and Fixes

+The Attachment Pack


+Salvage Beacons

+No Sneaking in Power Armor

+Legendaries They Can Use

+Molotov Cocktail Nerf

+Who's The General - Minutemen Quest Cleanup

+Encounter Zone Recalculation (Continuous Level Scaling)

+Keep Radiants in the Commonwealth UFO4P Version

+Vish's Patch Hub (UFO4P)

+DLC Timing

+SPARS - Simple Power Armor Reduction System

+Chemfluence - AI Combat Dynamics

+Blocking Overhaul

+Complex Vendors


+Outline Workshop Highlight Only

+Crafting Highlight Fix

+Extended Dialogue Interface

+MCM Settings Manager

+Mod Configuration Menu

+User Interface_separator

+Dogmeat Follow Behind

+Faster Workbench Exit

+Simple Offence Suppression F4

+Deadeye Weapon Effect Fix

+To Your Face FO4

+Less Annoying Berry Mentats

+Remember Lockpick Angle - Updated

+Remove Ammo from Dropped Guns

+Classic Holstered Weapons System (CHW)

+BCR- Lever Action Rifle

+Bullet Counted Reload System (BCR)

+Unlimited Survival Mode - F4SE


+Godrays Performance Fix Redux - ESPless

+Weapon Debris Crash Fix

+Simple Puddle Reflection Flicker Fix (Water and Blood)

+PRP Plugins

+PRP Resources

+Flutter Flicker Fixer For Foliage

+NPC Drinking Fix

+Marine Wet suit Material Fix

+Marine Combat Armor Material Fix

+Fixed Gobo Effects

+Fixed Protectron Textures

+Wetness Shader Fix

+Reload Fix

+3rd Person Behavior Fixes

+Long Save Bug Fix

+Interior NavCut Fix

+Outfit ReDress Fix

+Energy Weapon Calculation Fix

+Armor Penetration Bug Fix - F4SE

+Jet Script Bug Fix

+Combat Shutdown Grenade Fixes - F4SE - Garden of Eden SE

+Companion Jump Fall Pose Fix - F4SE - Garden of Eden SE

+Hostile NPC Respawn Fix - F4SE - Garden of Eden SE

+Sprint Stuttering Fix

+Buffout 4

+Community Fixes Merged - Weapon Mod Fixes Patch

+Weapon Mod Fixes

+Misc anim tweaks and fixes

+The Midnight Ride - Glitchfinder All-In-One

+Community Fixes Merged

+Ownership Fixes

+Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - UFO4P

+Bug Fixes_separator

+Achievements Enabler

+Leveled Item Framework (LIF)


+RAW INPUT - The Ultimate Mouse Sensitivity Fix

+Garden of Eden Papyrus Script Extender

+Lighthouse Papyrus Extender

+Random Encounter Framework

+Baka MaxPapyrusOps

+RobCo Patcher

+High FPS Physics Fix

+Better Console - F4SE

+Console Commands Extender

+Address Library for F4SE Plugins

+PrivateProfileRedirector F4 - Faster game start (INI file cacher)


*DLC: Automatron*DLC: Contraptions Workshop

*DLC: Far Harbor

*DLC: Nuka-World

*DLC: Ultra High Resolution Texture Pack

*DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop

*DLC: Wasteland Workshop

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