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Most Merchants Crashing Game

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So I'm trying to work out what is causing most of my merchants and Alvor/Gerdur's starting gear trade to make my whole game crash.

Merchants I know work are Hod and Faendar, which are ironically the only merchants who I have edited with mods (aside from adding a hairstyle). Merchants that definitely don't work are Lucan, Belethor and Arcadia. Arcadia does have a mod that adds a key to her attic, but I don't think this is an issue since it isn't only affecting her and also I'm sure I've used her shop since I installed that (though not 100% sure).

I have a lot of mods installed and no idea when the problem started because nothing I installed or edited myself should be editing them and I have been testing what the mods actually do and apparently at no point did I trade with these merchants (it didn't help that Hod was working, who I traded with multiple times while testing the mods). Deactivating the last 20ish mods I installed di not fix the problem, and the 50/50 method won't work since it'll deactivate patches I have made and therefore cause other things to break.

SSEEdit shows no mods editing any of the affected NPCs or their containers or level item lists (though I can't find the name of Gerdur/Alvor's starting item container) that I can see. I also couldn't see any quests or anything referencing the merchants or their containers that might be editing them.

I tried enabling Papyrus logging but I don't really understand what I'm looking at and the last few entries are different on every log.

I am using MO2 and everything is installed on a partitioned Z drive.

Any idea what kind of mods I should be looking at or anywhere else to look in SSEEdit that might help me find the problem?



External mod list (I'm still adding things, this is just where I have gotten to so far, also it doesn't show my ESLs I have made in SSEEdit, but I made them so I know that they haven't edited anything that might have caused this):


(3) Community Overlays 1 - Main - CBBE 2K
Address Library for SKSE Plugins
Adopt Aventus Aretino
Adopt Aventus Aretino - Fully Voiced Patch - Simdrew1993
Aldamar - Druid Mushroom Home
Andrealphus Tweaks - Only Dead Lover's Cause Inheritance Letters
Animation Motion Revolution
Animation Queue Fix
Arcane Mastery - Spells Vol. 1
Arcano - Curse Magic
Archery Gameplay Overhaul
Archery Target Retexture 2k
Armored Empire
Ask Innkeepers To Show Room SE
Assorted Fabric - Modder's Resource
Astronomer's Loft -- Small Loft Library Player Home in Whiterun
Auto Recharge Weapons SE
Aw Additional Follower Voice types (WIP) - Modders Resource
Aymar and friends - Adoptable Elven Children (RS Children based)
Base Object Swapper
BeastHHBB - Khajiit and Argonian content - player character and NPC replacer
Become a Bard
Better Blades
Better Courier
Better Jumping AE
Better Skyrim Parties
Better Third Person Selection (AE - SE)
Better Wedding Guests
Blowing in the Wind
Boats - Operational Animated Travel
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Bug Fixes SSE - Anniversary Edition (1.6.629.0 and later)
Build your Hearthfire homes with gold
Butterflies Unchained (ESL Version)
Buyable Home Patch for Elysium Estate SSE
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
Campfire 1.12.1SEVR Release
Cathedral - Water
Caught Red Handed - Quest Expansion
Children of the North
Chooey's Choice Requirements
Choose Your Own Arch-Mage
Circlet Gemstones Fix
Circlets with Mage Hoods
Climates Of Tamriel-SE
Cloaks and Capes - Crafting Only
Cloaks and Capes SMP
College Fashions
College of Winterhold Entry Requirements
Companions Questline Tweaks - Beta
Complete Widescreen Fix 219 for Vanilla and SkyUI
Comprehensive Attack Rate Patch - SKSE
ConsoleUtilSSE NG
Convenient Horses
COR_Sacrosanct Patch
COtR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM
Creation Club: _ResourcePack
Creation Club: ccBGSSSE001-Fish
Creation Club: ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS
Creation Club: ccBGSSSE037-Curios
Creation Club: ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode
Custom Cubemaps by fadingsignal
Custom Skills Framework
Cynn's Vlindrel Hall
Daedric Shrines 2 k
Destination Weddings
Destroy the Thieves Guild SE
DG Alternate Route
Dirt - HD Texture Replacer with Parallax
Disenchant Everything
Diverse Dragons Collection SE
DLC: Dawnguard
DLC: Dragonborn
DLC: HearthFires
Dwemer Pipework Reworked 5
Dwemer Pipework Reworked 5 - hotfix
Dwemer Pipework Reworked 5 - hotfix 2
Dylbills Papyrus Functions
Dynamic Activation Key
Dynamic Collision Adjustment
Elegant Jewelry - SE
Elysium Estate Exterior Path
Elysium Estate SSE
EoW - Shadowgreen Refuge SE
Especially Special Dragonsreach
Even More Brows - HPH - COtR
EVG Animated Traversal
Extended Encounters
Extended Vanilla Menus
Face Discoloration Fix
Fangs and Eyes - A Vampire Appearance Mod
Fashions of the Monks and Priests
Faster HDT-SMP
Frankly HD Dawnguard Armor and Weapons
Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice
Gemstones Remade - Standalone
GKB Waves Reborn
Growl 3.0.0
Halls of Dovahndor Reborn
Hardy Hares
Headhunter - Bounties Redone
Heavy Armory - New Weapons
Heavy New Legion
Highly Improved Male Body Overhaul
hotfix 3
Housecarls Have Lives - No Sword Version
HR's Dwemer Cube Home
HS Player Homes - Hjerim
HS Player Homes - Honeyside
HS Player Homes - Proudspire Manor
HS Resources
HS Whiterun - Jorrvaskr
HSRiverwood - Alvor and Sigrid's House
HSRiverwood - Faendal's House
Hunting in Skyrim 2.0 Beta 1.8
Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards
I'm Walkin' Here
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Immersive Equipment Displays
Immersive Farm
Immersive Interactions - Animated Actions
Immersive Thieves Guild Hideout
Improved College Entry
iNeed - Food, Water and Sleep - Continued
Jabber's 2K Archery Targets
JContainers SE
Jewelry Limiter - Another Multiple Rings and Amulets Mod
JK's Fort Dawnguard
JK's The Bards College
Jorrvaskr Quarters
Killable Graybeards
Koralina's Makeup for COtR
KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics)
KS Hairdos SSE
KS long hair for males patch
KxK Apocrypha Home
Lake Haven
Lamenthia's Marks of Beauty
Lollygaggin' - Vanilla Guard Armor Replacer
Lovely Makeup - Racemenu Overlays
LOVERGIRL Skin - HD Complexion for Women
Luminescent Luna Moths
MAW Assets 1.1
MCM Helper
Missing Follower Dialogue Edit
Missing Follower Dialogue Edit - USSEP Patch
Modern Brawl Bug Fix
Mona Alta
Moonlight Tales Mini - Main 1.25
More Faction Idles
More Sensible Quartermasters
More Tavern Idles - SSE Port
Multiple Floors Sandboxing
Natural Beauty Makeup - Racemenu Overlays
Natural Waterfalls
Nether's Follower Framework
New Legion
Nightingale Hall Restored - Karliah As A Follower
Ni'Kaur Kasol - An Orc-Themed Starter Home
No More Random Guild Thieves
No Player Home Requirements
No To Nocturnal
Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K
Northborn Scars
Open Animation Replacer
Opulent Thieves Guild
Orc Strongholds - Dushnikh Yal
Paired Animation Improvements
PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions
Particle Patch for ENB
powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
powerofthree's Tweaks
Pride of the Companions - Shields of Jorrvaskr
Project New Reign - Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine
Race Compatibility Dialogue SSE
RaceCompatibility with fixes for SSE
RaceMenu High Heels (Height Fixes)
Ragdoll Friction and Edits
RB - Light - Main File
RB - Medium - Optional
Real Armies
Realistic AI Detection 3 - Medium Interior Medium Exterior
Realistic Horse Breeds by KrittaKitty
Realistic Husky Sounds SE
Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO) SSE All-In-One Installer
Realistic Nord Ships 2.0
Reasonable Silver Hand
RedBag's Dragonsreach
Restore Unused Vanilla Spells
Restoring the Aretino Residence
Ritual Armor of Boethiah for SE
Riverwood Redone
Robes Retexture SE
RowBoats and Oars of Skyrim
RS Children Overhaul
RtAR - RLO Patch
Run and Walk at your Pace
Ruska - Riften Player Home
Sacrosanct 6.0.0
SavrenX Auriel's Bow
ScandaNordic Mountains - HD Mountain Textures - 8K 4K 2K - Parallax
Scrambled Bugs
Silver Hand Armored
Simple Dual Sheath
Simple Forsworn - SE Port
Simple NPC Outfit Manager
Simply Knock SE 1.0.3 Release
SimplyKnockSE SKSE64 2.2.6 DLL
Skaal You Need - Skaal house and follower SSE
Skin Feature Overlays SE - Freckles Scars Birthmarks Stretch Marks Moles and More for Face and Body RaceMenu Overlays
Sky Haven Temple - Interior Overhaul and Player Home
Skyrim 3D Rocks
Snowberry Cottage - Rebuild Hroggar's House
Soaking Wet for 1.6.629 and newer
Solitude Temple Frescoes
Sons of Skyrim
Sound Record Distributor
Spell Perk Item Distributor
Stalker's Refuge - Vampire Player Home
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Statues of High Hrothgar
Stendarr Paladin Armor Set
Stormcloak Hero Armory
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim
SV Beards SE
The Eyes of Beauty - Ai Remastered
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
The Ravens Breezehome SE
The Soul Cage - A Soul Cairn house
Thieves Guild Reformation - Taking Care of Business
Thieves Guild Requirements SE
Thieves Guild Requirements SE - Droppable Stones
Touring Carriages
Tragedian's Fabulous Followers AIO
Truly Neutral Prisoners
Unique Bows Collection
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - USSEP
USSEP Optional Patch
Vampire Clothing Expansion
Vampire Stakes - Weapon Pack
Veydogolt - Grass and Plants Only
Vibrant weapons - Fire Frost Shock
VMHD - All Races - 2K
Water for ENB
We Are The Music Makers
Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
Wedding Clothing Retexture
Wintersun 3.2.0
Wintersun patch
Witerun gras 2.0 sse
Wolfpaint - Face - Racemenu Overlays - Male and Female
Xavier - Chooey's Choice
Xavier TDN Necromancer Follower SSE - Original or Default Body options - v3.3.0
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended


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Define "crashing game"?   Crashing when you enter the shop and see the merchant?  Crashing when talking to one?  Crashing when you enter the trading UI?  Crashing while going through their inventory?

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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, scorrp10 said:

Define "crashing game"?   Crashing when you enter the shop and see the merchant?  Crashing when talking to one?  Crashing when you enter the trading UI?  Crashing while going through their inventory?

Crashing when I enter the UI. For shopkeepers it is when I ask what they have for sale, with Alvor/Gerdur I sit through the entire intro scene and then it goes kapoo the second they attempt to open their trade with me
But I'm thinking if the problem was the UI itself I wouldn't be able to trade with anyone at all?

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Are you crashing instantly upon entering the trade UI?    Where is your mouse cursor at the time?   You click on the dialogue option  of what they got an your cursor stays in that same spot as trade window opens?    Can you try,, the moment you click the dialogue,  move mouse cursor to top or bottom of screen?    Cause if you are crashing upon entering only SOME merchant trade windows, you potentially have a corrupt mesh or texture of some item(s) that they offer.      And upon entering the trade window, your mouse cursor is on one of those items.    If you rapidly moved cursor to top upon clicking diualogue, and game did not crash, try mousing over items  offered.    And see if game crashes upon mousing over something  specific.

Also, try this:   launch game, and from main menu, open console and type in 'coc riverwood'.     You will spawn outside Riverwood with a brand new game.     Try going to Lucan's shop and trading with him.   See if you still crash.

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16 hours ago, scorrp10 said:

Also, try this:   launch game, and from main menu, open console and type in 'coc riverwood'.     You will spawn outside Riverwood with a brand new game.     Try going to Lucan's shop and trading with him.   See if you still crash.

I have been using a fresh game every time I test anything anyway so yes I still crash


16 hours ago, scorrp10 said:

Can you try,, the moment you click the dialogue,  move mouse cursor to top or bottom of screen?

This didn't seem to help unfortunately. However, I just got an idea. Seeing as it seems like it's probably a stock issue, I'll start by clearing his shop and seeing if that works. If it does, I can slowly add items back into his shop to narrow down the problem. Will update if it works or not

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Gosh darn it all he has is VendorItemGold, the riverwood perk and one book which I know is working because it's a permanent fixture in Alvor's shop in case it didn't like being empty and he still crashed me out. What else could be affecting this? I don't have SkyPatcher or SPID so nothing should be being added outside of what I can see in xEdit afaik

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Okay good news and bad news: I found the culprit. It seems to be iNeed. It has basically no conflicts (those it has I'd patched to make sure that iNeed won) and worked on my last game before I switched to MO2 and moving it right to the bottom of my load order has not fixed the problem (though when I realised it was iNeed I also noticed I couldn't see it's MCM and that at least shows now that I've brought it down the load order). So now I need to work out why such a widely used mod is upset with my system

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19 minutes ago, Namiricorn said:

So now I need to work out why such a widely used mod is upset with my system

Reinstall it, maybe?  Or maybe it's interacting with another mod.  Fortunately, MO profiles mean you can keep your existing load order in one profile, and do your experimentation in another.

(I haven't used iNeed myself, so I don't know its quirks or incompatibilities.)

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My patch was an esl so it was knocking it up my load order. I repatched it so I could bring it right down again and now it's working. Still no idea what the conflict is because I patched it the same as before and SEEdit wasn't showing any other conflicts but at least I know to check on my general stores as I go so if anything breaks it again I can bump it up

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Hate to say this, but bumping an ESL in load order does nothing, it will always load at FE, try grouping all the ESL at the bottom in the right panel, then control their Merge Order, it will give better clarity at what is going on, remember the combined records of the ESL cannot exceed 4096 records 

Also Skyrim as a two phase loading system regarding official plugins,  00 to FD then FE (ESL to 4096 rec) and finally FF for the game save, then rinse and repeat 

FYI it check it will not crash ( first pass) before it actually load anything.. and if finds something wrong it can fix, it may even change your load order.. (second pass)  I shite you not

I believe @Gopher made video on it 12 or more years ago check it out... if you think I am lying.

EDIT reason I mention the two pass loading system is you need to know how it works if you plan on exceeding the limit.. or unexpected things might happen depending on what plugin both active or inactive are in the data folder 


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