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any fix or mod to fix the texts? skyrim se 157


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My guess is that some mod you downloaded was actually in a different language, one that uses lettering symbol digits (alphabet) that the programs don't recognize, so the digits turn into those little squares.  Something like that.  I've accidentally downloaded a few mods that were in a different language before, too.

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4 hours ago, SirCadsimar said:

My guess is that some mod you downloaded was actually in a different language

Yup, presumably one that uses a different alphabet, like Russian, that your game can't display in its current language settings.

How long ago did this start?  Go through any mods you installed or updated since then -- by halves (binary search) might be fastest, if you have a lot of them.  Disable the bottom half of your load order, see if you're still getting missing-character boxes.  Keep halving the lowermost half of what hasn't been ruled out yet.

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If you really don't want to go through the whole process of disabling mods one/a-bunch-at-a-time to find the culprit of this problem, from this image it looks like it's some sort of mod/patch that edits certain types of weaponry (or a mod that adds a weapon that only looks like the vanilla Dawnbreaker sword but is called something else), it's in some foreign language that probably doesn't use a Latin based alphabet (hence why the letters turned into blank squares), so look in the details of that mod, make sure you replace that with an English language version if available.

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just get the "other" translation text from the interface folder, run it though google and make a English one

making sure the key,  tabs and space remain intact 

check the SKSE documentation, but here a cut and paste, you may or may not find more information elsewhere

 support for additional interface translation files (same as Translate_ENGLISH.txt)
	If your mod is named MyMod.esp, place files in Data/Interface/Translations/MyMod_<LANGUAGE>.txt,
		i.e. MyMod_RUSSIAN.txt
	Files must use the same encoding as the original Translate_*: UTF16 LE with BOM aka UCS-2 LE
		and contain $key<TAB>value pairs. Loading them from .BSA files is supported, too



in the Russian text file
$FDQ_hello	привет

in the english text file
MyMod_ ENGLISH.txt
$FDQ_hello	hello

Disclaimer, the keys may be different in the "other" language text, make sure they remain exactly the same, just translate the values and KEEP the tab 

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