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Here for fat mods for characters


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Seriously, that's most of it. I do browse for other mods, though that's what I see most (non-fetish, non-niche) games character creation lacking, so that's what I search for most of the time, mostly for BG3 — which gods-know-why does NOT have it as an option, even though you can choose even dick size.

Also also, BG3 does have potential to become even better with mods (say, threatening/bribing common enemies instead of fighting, sexing your way out of issues, and so on), but I digress.

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In Skyrim [and maybe some of the later Fallout series (3+)?] there are body mods, CBBE and BHUNP, which are used in conjunction with BodySlide and Racemenu to adjust body parts and matching clothing, with Obody to distribute different body styles among NPCs.  I am not experienced in bodies other than CBBE, so I hope that I am not presenting misinformation...

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